How a Restaurant PR Agency Can Help Increase Your Bottom Line!

How a Restaurant PR Agency Can Help Increase Your Bottom Line!

Many restaurant owners are deterred by the thought of using an outside restaurant PR agency to help them gain exposure and customers. When it comes to business owners there are few more creative and prouder than in the restaurant industry. The creativity and passion that it takes to run a restaurant can take up a lot of time and energy, meaning that certain duties will have to be prioritised.

Here at VerriBerri, a restaurant PR agency in Essex, that successfully competes against top marketing and PR companies in London, our team have seen time and time again how food and drink PR can be one of the duties left on the backburner by restaurant owners, resulting in a lack of positive exposure to the public.

Our food and drink PR and marketing team have listed some reasons below on how a restaurant PR agency can help drive up profits.


If you have a great restaurant website then it is vital that you have great search engine optimisation, where you rank on Google and other search engines can be the difference between people visiting your restaurant or not. By being near the top of Google you are most likely to get more visits to your website, this will also make your restaurant more credible as people associate the position on Google with the quality of your business. A good restaurant PR agency like VerriBerri will have a content marketing department dedicated to help your restaurants SEO.


There’s no such thing as bad press, well actually there is, and it can crush the most established of businesses. By using a restaurant PR agency, you will receive positive press in popular publications, as a team of experienced professional PR assistants with a list of industry-relevant press contacts, work tirelessly to see your brand published in articles that the public will engage with.

Social Media Marketing

Do you know anyone who isn’t on a social media platform? If you do, chances are there are more people you know using social media than not. The fact is that a majority of us receive most of our information through social media. This has brought on a brilliant opportunity for businesses to tap into the inexpensive marketing capabilities of the platforms. One downside to Social media marketing is that it can become very time consuming as it is advised to be posting on each platform at least once a day. By using a restaurant PR agency, you can hand over the reins of your social media marketing to professional content creators, who will work with you to keep your social media followers updated as frequently as you would like.

If you would like to know more on how VerriBerri, restaurant PR agency, can help you bring in more customers and as a result increase your bottom line, then contact our friendly team today on 01376 386850.

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