Food and Drink Digital Marketing for Your Catering Company

Food and Drink Digital Marketing for Your Catering Company

It is all well and good being the best Italian, Chinese or burger van in the industry but if you have no one coming in to order, you’re not going to go very far. The fact is your food and drink marketing and PR needs to be as good as your food itself.

The food and drink industry’s marketing has changed over the years; shifting from offline and word of mouth to now digital platforms which have become central to marketing strategies.

Over 1 billion restaurant visits by consumers are influenced by online marketing; a huge number meaning that businesses cannot ignore these digital marketing platforms.

Our food and drink PR and marketing team have compiled some ideas to help with your digital marketing efforts.

Be social:

Of course, social media is one of the top ways to showcase your restaurant or business, but don’t forget to interact and engage with users. Sharing recipes and videos have been a huge trend this year. It’s been found that companies that post videos can increase their revenue growth by 49%. Start getting creative with different videos and boomerang’s promoting products and services.

Say hello with email marketing:

Email consumer marketing is on the rise and so is the ROI. With GDPR being introduced earlier this year; brands have had to create new strategies for their email marketing; making them more appealing to consumers while adhering to the new regulations. Try using email marketing to promote seasonal menus, events, in-house contests and personalised incentives. They create a sense of being “part of the club” and encourages subscribers to forward to friends.


To be successful in 2018 and onwards it is essential for brands to be mobile friendly. People will have their phones with them at all times, this has seen mobile devices being a large factor in the change in SEO, as searches on Google and other search engines has increased. In the past year, local searches have doubled, with keywords like ‘near me’ being frequently searched. Google found over 40% of local food and beverage searches were conducted on a mobile phone last year.

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