PR Agency for Sports Clubs

PR Agency for Sports Clubs

Most sports clubs have public relations agencies representing them, here at VerriBerri we work with golf clubs to football clubs; however, how do you know you’re choosing the right PR agency for your sports team?

In an age of sporting ambition and achievement, you need a PR team that deliver daring communication strategies, giving you the power to stand out and become the voice above the noise.

Sport is one of the very few disciplines where you can easily secure extremely high volumes of people who are as devoted as you are.

Sports marketing and PR is shifting to new platforms that you should fully utilise to engage your fans, this is largely due to the fans themselves demanding a much more immersive experience when supporting their team.


Why do we deliver such excellent results?

We are passionate about sports. Not just because we love watching and playing it but because we are excited about everything it represents. Working as a team, confidence, health and wellbeing. Our PR agency works with sports teams both in the UK and the US. We have great connections and experience in the industry. When you choose PR representation for your sports club make sure you choose someone who wants to be your partner, not your supplier.


Who do we work with?

We don’t just work with sports clubs but also individuals, be that athletes or managers. We also work with governing bodies, brands associated with sport and charitable foundations attached to the sporting industry. When you work with an agency make sure that they are not too niche. This could stunt your future growth and will also hinder you when publicising yourself as it could mean they have limited media connections.

If you are looking for advice on how to promote your sporting business through times of success or protect the reputation of your brand through difficulty; our PR agency can help you; if you are based in the US or Europe. Just click here to get in touch and find out more about VerriBerri’s PR agency.

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