Social Media Crisis Management for Football Clubs and Their Players

Social Media Crisis Management for Football Clubs and Their Players

Football (or Soccer for our friends across the pond) is by far the most watched sport in the world; creating a huge opportunity for players to go out and become an individual brand away from the club using sports PR and social media.

Players can quickly gain fame away from the pitch. By using social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter; they are able to directly engage with fans at any point in the day; making them more personable and relatable to the public.

Clubs usually support their players in engaging with fans through social media as it can bring more positive exposure for the team. A good example of this would be the Delhi Alli challenge; that saw a massive response from the public as they tried to replicate the football stars goal celebration.

As quickly as an athlete can become a national hero they can just as quickly go to zero; losing a mass of respect and fandom with inappropriate use of social media. Everything from drunken rants about other players; to leaks about club transfers; can be very damaging for their individual brand and as a result become detrimental to the club.

VerriBerri’s crisis management team have put together some social media survival tips; to ensure that your players stay out of the firing line of the press when it comes to reporting about their digital antics.

Think about your hashtags

Although hashtags are a great way to maximise your reach on social media, you need to be sure that you think about how a certain hashtag could be misconstrued or twisted to make you look bad, to avoid any unearnt fallout.

Don’t capitalise on a tragedy

Even if you have the best intentions, a national tragedy like a terrorist attack doesn’t need to be Tweeted about by you. Any statement you put out there can easily be seen that you are using the tragedy as a way to gain more followers.

Have a crisis management team

By investing in a crisis management team that specialises in sports PR, you will receive advice; pre-planned scripts; templates and press releases; should your players get into trouble on their social media.

Choose your battles

Just because you are being ‘called out’ on a social media platform doesn’t mean you have to respond. If you are seen to be offensive or if you get dragged into an online slagging match you will not come out of it looking good and risk losing  credibility.

If you would like to know more about how VerriBerri’s, sports PR and crisis management team can help you; contact our experienced team today on 01376 386850.

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