Proof Content Marketing Works! Our Content Marketing Team in Essex Talks You Through the Facts

Proof Content Marketing Works! Our Content Marketing Team in Essex Talks You Through the Facts

Content marketing is quite often left as an afterthought by companies; due to it being a long-term digital marketing strategy that requires a lot of skill to execute correctly and effectively. Truth is due to it being a long-term strategy it should be implemented earlier rather than later to see results as soon as possible.

Here at VerriBerri, a digital marketing agency in the UK, our content marketing team in Essex; have been looking into some research and statistics on the effectiveness of content marketing.

The findings may surprise you; as research, ratings and review company ‘Clutch’ have found that a massive 82% of people have admitted to purchasing something from a company, as a result of consuming their content.

It seems that target audiences are getting savvier at spotting when they are being sold to; and are no longer trusting the old traditional ways of advertising. The beauty of content marketing is that it works a bit like a two-prong attack. As on one side; the content benefits the company’s websites SEO. The other side should offer true value to the consumer in order to build trust and subtly guide them into the sales funnel.

As content marketing becomes more widely used by organisations, the survey carried out by ‘Clutch’, showed that nine out of ten people feel they can spot content marketing when they see it. This makes the job of content marketers even harder; as the best content marketing strategy is to provide true value to the consumer.

67% of people said that content marketing is usually “useful and valuable”. This is especially true when it is written to a high quality and is thought out with the consumer in mind. Articles, blogs and videos that directly address a consumer’s concerns receive a much better response; than a piece that is just written to push a sale. A good example would be a supermarket giving out free handy, healthy recipes.

If you are struggling to create engaging and trustworthy content for your consumers; then give our content marketing team in Essex a call today to see how they can help, 01376 386 850.

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