How Pinterest Can Help Your Fashion Marketing and SEO Efforts

How Pinterest Can Help Your Fashion Marketing and SEO Efforts

Pinterest is often written off as a marketing tool for businesses and is usually just associated as a tool for bloggers. However, it can also be a great marketing tool for certain businesses and brands. With most companies going down the route of creating content such as blogs to create organic SEO anyway why wouldn’t they want to generate some Pinterest interest?

The content marketing team at VerriBerri, fashion marketing in Essex, has been looking into Pinterest for fashion marketing.

First, looking at the numbers in 2017 there were 175 million active users on Pinterest. It was reported that 93% of Pinterest users used the tool to decide what to buy online. With nearly 70% saying that they had discovered new products because of what they had seen on the platform.


Drive traffic to your website

To do this using Pinterest you need to be producing great Pinterest friendly content. Just like any other content marketing strategy; the success or failure of your efforts starts and stops with the quality of content produced. By putting out great content on the platform you are more likely to get people wanting more from your brand and heading over to your website.


It’s a quiet place

A lot of SEO and content marketers aren’t jumping on the Pinterest train due to the lack of knowledge; or the preconception they have of the platform that it is for bloggers. However, this means it is a prime opportunity to utilise the platform as you will find that compared to other social media marketing channels. Pinterest is a lot less crowded and therefore easier to get noticed.

Show-stopping pin graphics

One of the most important factors when trying to get noticed on Pinterest is how attention-grabbing your pin graphics are. If you create some great graphics, you are more likely to have users re-pin your content. By people re-pinning your content you are gaining more organic exposure to prospects.

If you would like to know more on how VerriBerri, fashion marketing in Essex, can help you create content marketing strategies for your fashion brand; that can drive traffic to your website and increase your sales, then contact our award-winning team on 01376 386850.

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