Are You Ready for New Year’s Eve?

Are You Ready for New Year’s Eve?

If you work in the hospitality industry you will know how busy your establishment can be over the new year. This means you need to get ahead and start planning for your New Year’s event early. By offering a party package you can showcase your establishment’s abilities whether it is a restaurant offering a unique dining experience or a bar showing off their cocktail range, it can be a great opportunity to make money and gain some new customers by targeting the correct audience with hospitality marketing.

If you have gone through all of the trouble of planning a unique New Years’ experience for your guests, you will need to ensure that your hospitality marketing is reaching your target audience so that the night goes off with a bang.

Our marketing team here at VerriBerri, hospitality marketing in Essex, have a couple of ideas to help see your establishments New Years’ Eve event be a huge success.


Spread the word digitally

One of the cheapest and most effective ways to get the word out to your target audience is to use social media as a hospitality marketing platform. Social media marketing is a great way to engage with your audience and get them attending your new year’s event. By creating engaging content, you are able to share the event without pushing a hard sell which will see your followers sharing the content with their friends and followers, creating a digital word of mouth.



This might sound obvious to some, but you should promote the New Year event within your establishment, you can’t leave it all to digital marketing. Physical promotional material left for your regulars to pick up and share can be a great investment just ensure that they are eye-catching yet clear to read, you could outsource to a graphic design agency so that your promotional material is of a professional quality.



If you create regular blogs for your website, then be sure to include the upcoming event in them. You don’t have to shamelessly promote your own event but could give tips on what to do for new years and drop in that your establishment is hosting a new year’s party. This will not only spread the word but will also give you an opportunity to improve your websites SEO by using keywords organically through your blogs.

If you need help with promoting your New Years Eve event or just need assistance with your hospitality marketing as a whole, then contact our award-winning team on 01376 386 850.

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