3 Tips on Digital Marketing Your Beauty Salon

3 Tips on Digital Marketing Your Beauty Salon

When it comes to beauty marketing in Essex it can be hard to know what the best route to take is. The digital world is constantly changing, with Google and social media platforms changing their algorithms it can feel like a full-time job trying to create content to get your beauty salon noticed. With so many salons operating in Essex, to run a successful digital marketing campaign to get your salon noticed by your target audience can be a lot of hard work.

The digital marketing team here at VerriBerri, beauty marketing in Essex, have compiled their top 3 tips to see a good ROI from your beauty salon marketing efforts and so you reach your target audience.

 Website design

A website, for many businesses these days is a chance to make a great first impression. Not only should the website look professional, but it should be user-friendly, so it doesn’t put off users. This doesn’t just mean that information is easy to access but also that your website page speed is as quick as possible and that it is mobile friendly.


Using the back end of your website you can start to write and upload blogs about relevant topics within the beauty industry. This will give you a great opportunity to improve your websites SEO as you can include keywords in your blogs that will see your website rank higher on Google for certain searches.

Get social

If you are going to invest money in making your salon’s website, look as professional and on-brand as possible then you should be investing your time to do the same with your social media. Make sure that there is a theme running through your social media accounts that is in keeping with your brand message and spend time engaging with your followers and audience so that you build an online community.

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