Tips on Keeping Your Delegates Happy

Tips on Keeping Your Delegates Happy

To ensure your guests return for future events, it’s important to reinvent your attendee experience to keep your events fresh and innovative. Although it’s difficult to cater for several different tastes and preferences, it’s the event organisers responsibility to ensure everyone enjoys the event.

Our event organisers have offered the following tips to implement the way you organise your next event.

Easy registration:

Using an effective registration app such as Eventbrite, allows your guests to easily sign up to your event. Using an online app provides your attendees with all the information about the event, before signing up to something that might not be suitable.

Healthy catering:

Your catering should be the first thing you change when you’re making a conscious effort to offer your guests something new. Incorporating health and wellbeing into your menu can be a fantastic way of catering for everyone. Healthier alternatives can also improve the levels of productivity and efficiency.

Staying hydrated:

Keeping hydrated helps us perform better, both mentally and physically. Ensure your attendees are fuelled up and given easy access to water at various points around the venue. Provide soft drinks and hot beverages for those with a sweeter tooth.

Exciting venues:

The location and venue are one of the most important factors when organising an event. The venue needs to have easy access for all transportation with available parking. Picking an unusual venue creates suspense and excitement from the moment the invite is open.

These are just a few ideas on providing a better experience for your attendees. As event organisers, our team strive to deliver a personal and unique experience which excels our guests’ expectations. If you would like more advice on improving your corporate events, get in touch our event management team today on 01376 386 850.

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