Why is Digital Marketing so Important?

Why is Digital Marketing so Important?

For many businesses, using digital marketing to increase their brand awareness or traffic is something they know they need to do, but just don’t know how! In order to stand out from the competition and grow as a whole; you need a strong team behind your company to take care of the digital marketing; this includes articles in industry-specific publications, increasing SEO and providing a powerful social media presence.

Here at VerriBerri PR and marketing, we know the impact that marketing can have on your business, so we’ve outlined the top 3 areas you need to consider.  

Lead generation

With the internet being such a powerful tool in terms of marketing and promoting brands; you need to ensure you’re featured heavily. Pitching catchy article titles to publications of all sizes can help spread the name of your business and also increases SEO by using backlinks. In order for these articles to be picked up by journalists and then published, you need a strong team of digital marketers who can write in an effective way; tailoring their pieces for the specific audience.

Many small businesses can’t afford to pay for big adverts and double spread pages in leading publications. This is where a digital PR team comes in. Using editorial as a way to pitch article ideas rather than paying for advertorial space can give your company the same level of exposure for a much lower price tag.

Brand Reputation

The single most important aspect of a business is its reputation. Creating a strong bond between customer and brand is how you can spread awareness of your brand. If there’s trust, customers are likely to recommend you; in turn, increasing business. Using digital marketing both across social media platforms and the media helps to cover this topic; building the all-important trust factor. If you’re constantly being broadcast in the right publications and growing a social media presence too; your reputation will only increase.

Social media

We have an entire generation who consume all their information through a mobile phone or tablet and so targeting them through social platforms is a must. If your business is inactive it won’t take long for it to become irrelevant. So, if you want your business to flourish and stand out you need to make sure that you are engaging with your target audience.

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