Sports Marketing 2019 – Why You Need An Agency

Sports Marketing 2019 – Why You Need An Agency

Much like competitions themselves, standing out within the sports industry is tough. The market is saturated with personal trainers, gyms and clubs all looking to be unique and many wanting to grow a worldwide reputation.

However, many sporting businesses tend to skim over working with a marketing agency without knowing how they can benefit them. Here at VerriBerri, sports marketing agency in Essex, our team have put together a list of reasons why your business or brand needs PR and marketing.


Press coverage

Despite word of mouth is one of the most influential ways to share and grow a brand, if you aren’t being featured in industry related press publications, you’re limiting your potential outreach. Having a PR team behind your business to pitch ideas, gaining you coverage both online and in print, helps to spread awareness and increase engagement.


Social media

Social media has become the number one way to be found around the world. For personal trainers, Instagram videos help take their account to the next level, allowing them to show quick tutorials within no more than 30 seconds. Sportswear can use the power of imagery and video to show every detail of their brand and teaming up with sporting influencers to create brand deals make the business even more attractive.


Brand and sponsorship deals

The PR team at VerriBerri are able to organise social media sponsorship posts, gaining you both a positive reputation and growth in your social media followings and engagement. This can then lead to more and more opportunities in the future, either collaborating with other artists or making television appearances.


Crisis management

Like with any industry, things can go wrong. Whether that’s the incorrect video posted or comments in a piece taken out of context it’s therefore vital to have a crisis management plan in place should this occur. By using a sports PR and marketing team, not only will they take care of any problems that occur, but they’ll be on hand to advise you with any conflicts or disputes you may have.

If you are looking for a sports PR agency to represent you and your team, then contact our award-winning team today on 01376 386 850.

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