VerriBerri’s Guide To Social Media For Restaurants & Bars

VerriBerri’s Guide To Social Media For Restaurants & Bars

In the 21st century, customers don’t expect to find a restaurant or bar from promotional fliers or ads in papers. Instead, they turn to a company’s social media for reviews, information on events and even pictures of the food.

Social media has rapidly grown to become the primary way we communicate, sharing everything from intimate moments to product reviews. With social platforms being able to reach a wide variety of audiences, smart entrepreneurs are now able to reach out to both existing and new clients with ease. But before you take the plunge, here are four ways you can create a stand out social media campaign.


Choose the right platform

The right social media platforms are essential to getting customers through the door. Instagram is now one of the most influential platforms, with businesses now taking advantage of this by showcasing their brand and the services or products they offer. Facebook allows you to create a business page, which tackles nearly every question your punters may have; where are you located? What specials are you running? What do others think of your business?


Fill out all of your profiles

While this may sound like an obvious point, many business profiles have large gaps or incorrect information. Make sure pertinent information, such as hours and contact information, can be easily accessed on your profile. The fewer clicks it takes to find out about your business, the better!


Create regular and interesting posts

Promoting your restaurant or bar means creating content your customers want to see and finding inventive ways to show them. Instagram focuses on graphics before text, whereas Facebook combines the use of both. Each platform is capable of driving customers to your door as long as you showcase the best you have to offer. Leverage this by posting images or graphics of special events, new menus or your best dishes.


Create advertisements

Facebook and Instagram now allows you to create paid advertisements in order to reach specific audiences. Facebook allows you to create targeted advertising based upon geographic location, purchase history and personal preference, whereas Instagram specialises in mixing advertisements with regular social media posts. As long as you focus your ads on what consumers want, they will attract new customers.


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