Gillette – The Best A Man Can Be

Gillette – The Best A Man Can Be

If you haven’t seen it yet, where have you been? Gillette the industry leaders in shaving products have released a gripping and thought-provoking advert that sees them publicly support the me-too campaign, as they shine a light on a new way of thinking towards masculinity.

The world-famous shaving brand have played with their 30-year-old tag line ‘the best a man can get’ and altered it to read ‘the best a man can be’ calling on men to look at their behaviour towards not only women but other men as they call fathers to raise their sons with an equal rights mentality.


So why has this advert got so much attention?

While many men and women have applauded the company for trying to change the dialogue towards equal rights and sexist behaviour. There have been a few people who have voiced their opposition to the campaign by saying that Gillette is jumping on a man-hating bandwagon.

Many people believe the negative reactions that have been voiced are down to the fact Gillette is such a prominent male brand and this latest campaign is such a contrast to the old ways that they have advertised in past.


Here at VerriBerri, PR agency our team fully supports Gillette using their platform to voice a new positive approach to masculinity. The team also applauds them on having the courage to stand for causes that are dominantly supported by females knowing that it could divide consumers.


One thing that is clear from this campaign is that although there are inevitably people against the message, Gillette has firmly stood for what is right. So, any worries around Gillette losing consumers have been swiftly brushed aside as they are bound to have brought a new level of trust to their market.

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