Content Marketing Lessons Your Company Can Take From The Marvel Universe

Content Marketing Lessons Your Company Can Take From The Marvel Universe

As you can tell from Marvel’s campaigns, they have an amazing approach to content marketing which all small to medium-sized businesses can take inspiration from.


Brand recognition

Even non-fans would know what imagery represents Spider-man, Captain America, Thor, Hulk… this is the importance of good branding. Marvel know people are attracted to images they have formed a connection with this through repeated exposure.

Having a logo which represents your brand well can increase sales and people’s perception of your company. Create a logo which is unique to your business and help your brand stand out.


Grow and evolve

The Marvel brand is continuously bettering itself. They have built and grown over the years, giving the main stars different elements and life changes whilst in comic book format, then later create more depth to the character in the films. There are a number of universes with many story variations which serve to strengthen the brand and expand the opportunities it presents.

How can you learn from this? Start to vary your content marketing to keep things fresh and interesting. By keeping your options open you leave yourself more scope for movement in the future.


Keep your speciality

Although Marvel has a plethora of characters they maintain the integrity of the Marvel universe with overlaps and references in their films. When you market your product, you should maintain this holistic approach. It means your clientele are always aware of other services and products you offer which should, in turn, increase your sales.


Cater to your audience

If you enjoy reading, Marvel presents itself in the form of comic books. If you prefer something more visual you can watch the films. If you don’t have the time to watch a whole movie, why not tune into Agents of Shield of Daredevil on TV?

Marvel doesn’t stop there, there are conventions, figurines, fan pages… the list is endless.

When marketing your brand, allow yourself multiple formats to appease a variety of people. This is inevitably going to result in more engagement, clicks and sales as you meet the individual needs of your customers.


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