The Power of Disney

The Power of Disney

Today we explore Disney films and look at how the Disney franchise had marketed itself in a way that your business can benefit from too.

Below are the top two ways in which Verriberri believe that Disney has enthralled its audience and strengthened its brand as a result.


Disney evokes powerful emotions

Disney relies on the emotional connection, the nostalgia, that we carry into adulthood. As a parent myself I can confidently say there is something satisfying watching your own children singing along to the same scenes you did 30 years earlier.

Disney also cross-references movies and characters, offering the viewer the opportunity to feel an immediate connection with the upcoming film.

It is this emotional relationship which keeps us fully invested in the Disney family, your brand can replicate this with your own products providing it is done in an organic manner.


Strong, adaptable branding

Disney has built a powerful brand which every person in the first world has had some kind of contact with. Customers react with the brand in so many ways, TV, movies, clothing, theme parks, hotels, toys, furnishings, music and even cruise holidays.

Disney relies on this multiple channel marketing to not only attract as many fans as possible but to hold onto them, and their money, as they get older and enter a different phase in life. Take the films, for example, children find them magical whilst adults love the hidden humour and great graphics.

By focusing on the consumer in such a way, your brand can learn from Disney and extend the longevity of its customer lifespan.


If you are looking how to promote your business in an emotional manner that gives your customers a real ‘feel good’ factor, why not get in touch with our expert team here at VerriBerri in Essex; working with clients not just across the UK but globally.

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