What Darth Vader Can Teach Us About Social Media Management

What Darth Vader Can Teach Us About Social Media Management

Social media is imperative in any business’s marketing strategy but unfortunately can be difficult to get right. Grow from a young Padawan into a master Jedi with our brief overview on how not to act:

Today VerriBerri look at Darth Vader and identify lessons we can learn from him as to how to best manage your platforms. Remember – with great power comes great responsibility.


Don’t be impulsive

Darth Vader showed as much impulse control as Donald Trump on Twitter. Always avoid ranting, reacting quickly and responding in anything other than a professional manner. You would be unwise to lower your defences.


Don’t be seduced by the Dark Side

Although it can be enticing, don’t let the Dark Side draw you in. Quick fixes are never going to work in the long run.

What should you avoid?

  • Buying followers
  • Creating false accounts
  • Hijacking hashtags
  • Making every post sales heavy
  • Breaking GDPR regulations.


Know your own identity

Darth Vader does not have a strong sense of self and this character flaw ultimately leads to his turn to the dark side. Your business must have a solid identity in order to be successful.

Once you have a brand established you need to stick with it, updates and modifications are fine but you should never make a 180 move. Consumers like strong messages that are consistent with tone, communication and interaction. If you are a new company, put your branding out to a test group to see how it is received before you launch.


So, if you are looking for growth on your channels, don’t choke on your aspirations, get in touch with our award-winning social media marketing team in Essex for more information on how you can grow your brand in the right way.

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