Beauty PR: How Social Media Is Changing the Beauty Industry

Beauty PR: How Social Media Is Changing the Beauty Industry

Today’s beauty brands have a new audience to win over; online skin care and makeup junkies. Social Media Marketing is everything to a brand and how it communicates and connects with its audiences. In a recent survey carried out by Dove, 30% of women admitted that social media has influenced their purchasing decisions.

With social media now reigning supreme as the advertising queen, VerriBerri, Essex beauty marketing, reveals the ways social media is shaping the beauty industry.


Consumer-focused campaigns

Big brand names aren’t enough to sell beauty products anymore. In fact, start-ups are reshaping the industry by letting consumers define what beauty is. Realising that brands were out of touch with how women interacted with beauty products, Glossier created a limited range of ‘holy grail’ skincare and make up for women. The brand chose to largely ignore traditional offline marketing and instead focus on consumer engagement and extensive use of UGC to, not only sell products but convey the brand’s identity and values. As a result, Glossier is now worth over $34 million with over 1.8 million followers on Instagram.


Power of influencers

How many of you have bought a makeup or skincare product because your favourite blogger or Instagram personality gave it a great review? 65% of ‘digital born’ consumers (Generation Z) admit to relying on social media to discover and select new beauty products.

Influencer marketing has a huge impact on the way brands promote their products, with collaboration and creator sponsorships now the norm of beauty PR. As part of its commitment to natural and cruelty-free products, Origins will only partner with influencers that can represent its brand values. Origins brand messaging highlights how socially aware audiences have become, as beauty brands are now striving to appear more authentic in order to appeal to their consumer base.


Killer content marketing

Simply promoting an article on twitter just won’t cut it anymore. Brands now have to communicate a compelling, relevant story that aligns with their brand messages. When L’Oreal launched its Root Cover Up Spray, the brand showcased a Youtube video that showed the effectiveness of the product in just six seconds. Creating short, mobile-friendly stories can help build a relationship with your consumers and encourage an impulsive buy.

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