Fine Dining Restaurant Marketing

Fine Dining Restaurant Marketing

When it comes to restaurant marketing there is no harder category to succeed in than fine dining. You will usually find that a fine dining restaurant has much higher overheads with a lot less capacity for guests; making the experience more exclusive. This obviously attracts a certain target audience on its own; but also makes the financial running of the restaurant a lot harder.

Here at VerriBerri, an Essex based restaurant marketing agency, our food and drink PR team understand that fine dining restaurants walk a fine line when it comes to their marketing and PR. The restaurant will need to make itself a destination for its target audience without coming across too cheap or too snobby.

Target audience

The first thing the restaurant will have to do is to decide who their target market is. This will require an in-depth look at the personality, behaviour and lifestyle that the perfect guest will have. Once they have settled on who they want to attract it should become easier to locate the customers and target them with their food and drink PR and marketing.

Social media marketing

A fine dining restaurant’s social media will need to be in keeping with the brand and décor of the restaurant. This will often be someone’s first impression of the restaurant and will set up their expectation; so it is important to keep the feed themed and not to promote; they should use the platform as a showcase of their services and food and drink.

 Food and drink PR

Having a restaurant featured in mainstream and industry-specific publications is a vital part of a fine dining restaurant’s marketing strategy. This shows that the restaurant is both credible and to be seen as an industry leader.

If you are in need of assistance in your restaurant marketing or would like food and drink PR and press releases; contact our award-winning team today on 01376 386850.

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