Key Takeaways for Your Food Delivery Brand

Key Takeaways for Your Food Delivery Brand

In the era of ‘Netflix and chill’, the pull of pyjamas and takeaway is too good to resist. In fact, British takeaway sales grew over 20% in 2018. While restaurants are beginning to struggle and the home delivery market booms, the competition is becoming fierce. Its time to consider every aspect of your food delivery business as an opportunity to boost your brand.

At VerriBerri, an Essex based hospitality marketing agency, our food and drink PR team have created a list of tips on how to improve your delivery business.

We eat with our eyes

How many times have you scrolled through Instagram and seen something delicious you just had to eat right there and then? The old saying, we eat with our eyes, is crucial here. If you’re producing high-quality food, there’s no reason this shouldn’t be extended to the overall product experience.

Try experimenting with different packaging. North London’s Homeburger was founded as a result of too many bad takeaway burgers. As a result of this, the company created alternative packaging that held the burgers together throughout the delivery process.

Great takeaway packaging can make or break your meal; nothing is worse than cold or soggy chips! The effect of this will be greater affection for your brand as well as increased brand loyalty.

Build your brand

It’s no secret that brands with good high street awareness have a head start here. According to GO Technology, consumers named Nando’s, Pizza Hut and Pizza Express as the three brands they would most likely consider buying a takeaway from.

But don’t panic! A great delivery service can, in fact, drive recognition for your brand and lead to success and expansion. Through its successful social media marketing strategy, Motu has been so lucrative that they are now in the process of opening high street curry houses across London.

Bespoke marketing strategy

When it comes to hospitality marketing, having an effective marketing strategy is vital to generating brand awareness and customer retention. If you would like to know how VerriBerri can help with your food and drink marketing strategy, call our award winning team today on 01376 386850.

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