Three Social Media Marketing Lessons from Netflix

Three Social Media Marketing Lessons from Netflix

Netflix is a streaming video service which does very little in the way of traditional marketing. While its success lies in the fact it has a unique, in-demand product; it is impossible to deny its social media marketing genius.

Here are three social media marketing lessons we can learn from Netflix:

Be authentic

The way we talk to our friends is different from the way we interact with brands right? Well, when it comes to Netflix, it doesn’t stick to a rigidly formal approach when interacting with its followers. A quick look on their twitter feed reveals their willingness to get casual with their audience, demonstrating that you can be successful as a brand without a formal voice.

User-generated content is key

How do you decide what to watch? Netflix largely relies on word of mouth and has encouraged user-generated content that gets shared and reshared by millions. During the release of Bird Box last year, Kim Kardashian tweeted to ask if anyone had seen the film. This sparked a chain reaction which saw millions of people watching the film; simply because a celebrity had seen it.

However, it wasn’t just word of mouth that contributed to its success. Humorous Memes, Gifs and other viral content quickly emerged from its audience upon viewership; which also encouraged others to view the film. As a result of this, Netflix teaches us that easily shareable, user-generated content is vital to the success of your content marketing campaign.

Become part of the conversation

Becoming part of the conversation your audience is having is vital for brand engagement and encouraging virality. Netflix is known to provide content that pairs well with social media. In 2017, the company hosted a Rolodex of funny gifs of your favourite television series, which you could share on Facebook, Twitter and in private conversations with your friends. This not only helped insert Netflix into everyday conversations but added to the streaming services visibility across the internet.

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