How To Market Your Vegan Restaurant or Cafés

How To Market Your Vegan Restaurant or Cafés

Veganism is one of the world’s fastest growing lifestyle movements, with 1 in 8 Britons now following the dietary trend. But while vegan restaurants and cafes are now becoming increasingly popular, standing out from the crowd can be difficult.

At VerriBerri, an Essex based restaurant marketing agency, our food and drink PR team have created a bespoke guide on how you can create an eye-catching marketing campaign to suit your vegan restaurant or cafe.

Content is key

The first step to building a profitable restaurant marketing strategy is to invest in high-quality content for your social media feeds. How many times scrolled through Instagram and saw a mouth-watering dish you just had to eat? Hiring a professional food photographer will do wonders for the quality of your images and, in turn, raise brand awareness. Once you’re more established, you can start user-generated content as part of your content marketing strategy. This will not only will help raise consumer engagement but further, demonstrate your company values.

Pay attention to social media followers

If someone called up your business on the phone to ask you a question, would you ignore them? Of course not. The same applies to social media marketing. Here, you have the opportunity to interact with your customers; answering any queries they have about your business or products. This will not only ensure your guests have a more than a satisfactory visit to your vegan restaurant but show your customers that their opinions are valued; further improving your reputation within the vegan community and your followers.

Be mobile

To have a successful vegan food marketing campaign, it is essential for your brand to be mobile friendly. People now have their phones with them at all times; which means having a website and social media that works well on mobiles is vital. Last year, Google found over 40% of food and beverage searches were conducted on a mobile phone as well as vegan related searches also dramatically increased.

If you would like to find out more information about how VerriBerri, a digital marketing agency in Essex, can help you with hospitality marketing in Essex, get in touch with our award winning team today on 01376 386 850.

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