Why Your Business Needs A Blog

Why Your Business Needs A Blog

Blogs are now one of the world’s most popular ways of consuming information. When planned out well, blogs can be a valuable tactic in your digital marketing strategy. They increase lead generation and engagement with your customers.

With this in mind, VerriBerri; SEO agency Essex, is here to give you three reasons why your company needs a blog.

Boost traffic to your website

Creating a blog for your business is a great way of boosting SEO and increasing traffic to your website, without paying a penny. If your business or brand is already well-known, people can simply type your company name into a search engine to find it. But if you’re a start-up or are still having trouble showing up in search engines, blogs are a great way to boost traffic organically.

Blogging also provides a wealth of opportunities for organic SEO. Creating regular and unique blogs can help boost the positioning of your website by making you more visible to people who are entering keywords associated with your product or service.  

Repurpose content across social media

Blogs aren’t just great for your website. Having a blog can be great for your social media marketing strategy too! Blog posts generate content that can be shared and repurposed for social media. This not only provides additional exposure of your business, but helps generate new leads and a higher return on investment.

Generating new leads

As a business, we all want new leads. Not only will well written blogs increase traffic, but provide a great opportunity to convert this new traffic into leads. This is achieved by including a call to action at the bottom of every blog. This encourages your audience to take a desired action.

At VerriBerri, Content Marketing Essex, our blogs support the marketing strategy of each individual client we work with. By understanding the business needs of our clients, we are able to create refreshing content that engages and educates their target audience. 

So, for more information about blogging or any aspect of digital marketing and PR agency, contact our expert team today.

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