Is Email Marketing Dead?

Is Email Marketing Dead?

With the use of social media marketing now becoming an extremely popular way to reach customers and the introduction of the recent GDPR regulations, many business owners are wondering; is email marketing still a vital cog in your marketing strategy? The short answer is: yes.

The team at VerriBerri are here to explain why and how we can make it as valuable as possible.

Email Marketing Isn’t Dead

Every year, the death toll of digital marketing channels continues to grow. But this is a little dramatic. People have been saying organic SEO is dead for years, yet it’s still one of the most effective ways to drive traffic and build your website ranking.

Many believe that GDPR killed email marketing, but that simply isn’t the case. It’s simply given consumers great control of their information. Email marketing continues to be one of the worthiest investments a business can make. Last year, 59% of marketers cited email marketing as the top method for generating a ROI.

Email Marketing Facts

If the stats show anything, it’s that email marketing isn’t going anywhere. Last year, people sent and received 281 billion emails per day, with over 3.8 billion email users worldwide by the end of the year.

85% of adults were reported to send and receive emails. But it’s not just older people who use them. While social media apps continue to be popular, 78% of teenagers use email as part of everyday life, with 99% of them checking emails every day. No matter what age group you’re targeting, email remains a great way to reach your audience.

Consumers & Email Marketing

According to Adestra, consumers prefer email for communicating with the brands they feel connected with. Email is the dominant communication tool, with 95% of professionals using emails every day, making it ideal for B2B communication.

However, 53% of consumers say they get too many irrelevant emails from brands. Many consumers will report emails as spam if the brand doesn’t provide relevant content at the right frequency. The best way to fix this is to be personal with your subscribers and produce relevant content that your customers will want to see and read.

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