How CBD Brands Are Getting Around The Advertising Ban

How CBD Brands Are Getting Around The Advertising Ban

Last year, 12 year old Billy Caldwell’s cannabis oil medicine was returned by the UK Home Office after it was proved to have significant health benefits for his epilepsy. Since then, CBD oil, also known as cannabidiol has soared in popularity.

Despite this, CBD companies are still restricted from advertising on Facebook and Google. However, they are now becoming creative in their advertising strategies, by looking to events, sponsorships and many other ways in order for them to connect with customers. VerriBerri, Digital Marketing Agency, have chosen their top three creative CBD advertisements to share with you.


Founded on extreme anxieties of his own dog, ZenPup produced a line of CBD-infused dog products; including dry shampoo and puppy treats. In the absence of Google and Facebook, ZenPup focused on its social media marketing to ensure the company was a marketing success. The brand launched a successful influencer campaign to increase support for the products organically. This allowed ZenPup to increase brand awareness with a strong social media following of over 18,000; and create traffic to its site.

Charlotte’s Web

Their success isn’t just online. CBD companies also got creative with their offline advertisements. The company utilised a PR agency to create a positive narrative. Charlotte’s Web used a healthcare marketing agency to tell the story of Charlotte Figi; the name behind the company. She explained how she was able to overcome her epileptic seizures and improve her health with the help of CBD. The story went viral and quickly built a strong brand following through its ability to successfully use PR as a marketing channel.


Sponsoring events are a great way to find brand resonance. But for CBD brands, it can skyrocket the success of your company through brand awareness. Recess, which makes CBD-infused mineral water, holds information events at places like Y7 Studio and samplings at Rise by WeWork. As a result of these events, Recess has reached 50 times its projected sales this year.

Marketing your CBD company can be difficult. If your brand is unable to advertise on Facebook or Google, there are plenty of other media channels that will want your content. But knowing the right media channels and getting in front of the right audience can be tough.

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