How To Market Your Fashion Brand On Social Media

How To Market Your Fashion Brand On Social Media

Whether you’re a fashion lover or not, everyone needs inspiration for what they’re going to wear at the weekend. As such, social media can be a great source for outfit inspiration – particularly Instagram which is a highly visual platform. For fashion brands across the globe, it’s important to utilise social media in order to raise awareness of your clothing. It is also vital retailers and designers have a creative and unique social media style in order to stand out from the crowd and differentiate you from competitors.

At VerriBerri, Fashion PR Agency, we understand how important social media can be for the success of your brand. Here’s three tips on how you can successfully market your fashion brand on social media.

Know Your Audience

The first tip for a successful fashion marketing strategy is to know your audience. If you only stock bra sizes up to a DD, it doesn’t make sense to utilise models with larger breasts because this will create confusion for your audience. With social media audiences becoming increasingly socially aware, make sure your brand values match the attitudes of the time to avoid paying a crisis management team to fix the damage.

Once you have established who your intended audience is, you can then create a series of fun and interesting posts that will help build your brand awareness and generate sales.

Invest in Influencers

We all know by now that Instagram is an influencer marketing powerhouse. Last year, top paying fashion brands offered influencers like Bella Hadid $27,000 (£20,500) to model their clothes in an Instagram post. While not all brands will be able to afford this budget, micro-influencers can create the same effect without breaking the bank. While their reach maybe smaller, their influence over their audience will likely be bigger and in turn, generate a bigger ROI.

Shoppable Posts

Have you ever seen at an outfit on Instagram that you’ve just had to buy? Instagram now provides shoppable posts, bridging the gap between social media marketing and e-commerce. Instagram’s shoppable posts allow users to shop directly from the app, after finding the coveted item on an influencer’s or brand’s post. By making the latest trends available at the click of a button, brands can make their products easier to find and buy; successfully increasing their online sales.

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