How Animals Shape Marketing Campaigns

How Animals Shape Marketing Campaigns

The UK is often described as a nation of animal lovers. But our fascination with our four-legged friends is one that transcends national boundaries. “Watching cat videos” has now become a synonym for wasting time online and “funny animal videos” are almost always at the top of YouTube’s most watched list.

At VerriBerri, an Essex Digital Marketing Agency, we understand the creative ways animals can help sell brands. From dogs to meerkats, we reveal how animal marketing campaigns can shape your brand.

Building a Connection

It’s now more important than ever for brands to create a connection with their customers. Whether you’re looking for shoes or a takeaway pizza, there are so many different choices it can be hard for brands to stand out.

When Andrex, first came onto the scene, its initial idea was to depict a child running after a roll of toilet paper. But after it’s bad reception from TV regulators, the toilet paper giant switched the child to a Labrador puppy; and has been on our screens ever since.

In this competitive marketing place, standing out from the crowd means striking a chord with your customers. Having a likeable logo not only creates a memorable company but subconsciously increases your brand’s likeability.

Paw-fect Public Relations

Animals are not just used in company logos. In fact, many brands use animals to help reinvigorate flagging brands. When Compare The Market brought in a creative agency to help kickstart their floundering campaigns, they quickly adopted the Meerkat campaign. The campaign was a work of creative genius and is claimed to have boosted the company’s market share by 75% within a year.

As a result of its success, Compare The Market teaches us that using animals in your marketing campaigns is a great form of reputation management; as brands who use animals within their campaigns are considered more trustworthy by consumers than those who don’t.

Winning Formula

Animal marketing campaigns are nothing new. The HMV dog, the Lacoste crocodile, even the Playboy Bunny, have all helped form an iconic and recognisable brand. However, knowing how the use of animals will fit in with your digital marketing campaign can be difficult.

VerriBerri, PR agency Essex; provides a variety of services including graphic design and content marketing to create a tail-wagging campaign that your target audience will love. For more information about our services, get in touch with our team today.

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