How Comic Books Are Taking Over The Marketing World

How Comic Books Are Taking Over The Marketing World

Brands are getting a boost from superpowers. In fact, He-man is as intent on getting a good price renewal on his car insurance with Money Supermarket as he is on saving the world! But how did comic book heroes take over the marketing world and how can this benefit your brand?

Let’s take a look at why superheroes can make your brand feel ‘epic’.

Everyone Loves Superheroes

Back when He-man, Batman and Wonder Woman were on TV, companies wouldn’t have dreamed of using comic book heroes to market their brand. Today, however, comic books aren’t just for kids. When a new superhero film is released, it becomes the subject of serious critical evaluation in both entertainment and cultural press – which can be great for brands looking to up their content marketing game.

Nostalgia Sells

The love of superheroes in mainstream entertainment provides the perfect opportunity for brands to revel in nostalgia. When Money Supermarket needed a new way to promote their comparison site, the brand went for a TV advertising campaign; featuring He-Man and Skeletor’s dance-off to Bill Medley and Jennifer Warnes’ ‘The Time of My Life’. The advert was a huge success, with Adweek Magazine calling it “the most 80s-tastic ad you’ll see this year”.

So why was it so successful? The companies digital marketing agency understood that those who were following the adventures of He-Man or were fans of Dirty Dancing 30 years ago, were the perfect target demographic for insurance. As a result of this, Money Supermarket highlights that using superheroes in your marketing campaign can be incredibly successful; if done correctly.

The Hero Brands Deserve

Superheroes are great for brands. Marketing companies behind the creative campaigns know exactly which buttons to press to promote the right emotional response. After all, He-Man is talked about more in the wake of the Money Supermarket campaign than he has been for years.

Remember; with great marketing power comes great responsibility. If you would like help with your content marketing, social media marketing or organic SEO, get in touch with VerriBerri, Essex digital marketing agency, today.

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