What Game of Thrones Can Teach Us About Content Marketing

What Game of Thrones Can Teach Us About Content Marketing

Game of Thrones is finally back on our screens for its final season. The series has achieved record-breaking international success; with high production values, amazing CGI animations and symbolic creative direction striking a chord with fans across the world.

However, it’s the multiple characters strategically fighting for power and public support that has caught VerriBerri’s eye. Here are five parallels we’ve noticed between content marketing and the fight for the iron throne.

To Succeed, You Must Persist

As an Essex digital marketing agency, we understand that content marketing takes a long time to show results. If you don’t have the patience to stick to your strategy for at least three months, you’ll fail to see any result.

No one understands the persistence and commitment required to build an audience of loyal followers more than the leaders in Game of Thrones. Many characters have been working towards their goal for several years and have only just started to see results; and have no sign of giving up yet.

Never Underestimate The Power of a Good Strategy

Having a good strategy is vital for success. Despite his shortcomings, Tyrion Lannister was able to consistently gain an upper hand his competitors lacked; a strong strategic perspective and vision for long term goals.

An effective creative agency knows brands don’t necessarily need the biggest budget or team of staff to achieve content marketing success. Instead, what they need is a well-researched strategy that is directly tied to their business goals.

Win Crowds With Consistency

In Game of Thrones, characters who follow the latest trend or leader have struggled to achieve their goals (we’re looking at you, Littlefinger). Those who have remained consistent with their message have the highest level of success.

What digital marketing companies can learn from this, is that audiences appreciate consistent brand messaging; especially when the communicator can deliver on their promises. By delivering consistent and high-quality content, businesses can build brand loyalty that will have customers declaring “Mhysa” at their feet.

Winter Is Here – And Only the Prepared Will Survive

Since season one, people of the north have foretold ‘winter is coming’. Likewise, content marketers have been predicting a change in consumer behaviour; especially after Brexit. With this in mind, brand’s will need to stay ahead of the change and develop their content marketing strategies before they are frozen out.

If you’d like help crafting a content marketing strategy that will help put your brand on the Iron Throne, get in touch with VerriBerri, Essex Marketing & PR Agency, today.

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