The Best Social Media Marketing Campaigns & What We Can Learn from Them

The Best Social Media Marketing Campaigns & What We Can Learn from Them

With so much competition in today’s market, brands are having to up their social media marketing game to stand out from the crowd. With this, comes some creative and memorable campaigns; that worked successfully to influence its audience to feel or act a certain way.

To inspire your next campaign, here are three social media campaigns that VerriBerri, social media marketing Essex, believes had the best measurable outcomes.


As part of its Frappuccino Happy Hour, Starbucks rolled out the Unicorn Frappuccino for one short week in April, 2017. Thanks to the sheer instagrammability of the frozen, pastel-hued coffee; the Unicorn Frappuccino and its hashtag generated nearly 115,000 Instagram posts during that time. As a result of its success, Starbucks teaches us that manufacturing scarcity and capitalising on it via social media can create a viral sensation.


In one of the strangest social media campaigns of 2018, the International House of Pancakes briefly “became” International House of Burgers. In the lead up to the big reveal, IHOP took to twitter to ask its followers what they thought the ‘B’ stood for. The tweet generated more than 30,000 responses and over 15,000 retweets; once they finally shared their new name.

The campaign was also a huge success offline. According to YouGov, IHOP’s word of mouth score increased; as well as the sales of burgers. IHOP teaches us that, sometimes, consumers just want to have fun; and brands that can facilitate this may be rewarded for doing so.


When the power went out in the Superdome during the 2013 Super Bowl, Oreo’s digital marketing agency published a tweet of an Oreo in a dark room with the caption “you can still dunk in the dark”. The post was retweeted 10,000 times in the first hour and inspired brands to attempt the same approach. Thanks to its stroke of brilliance, Oreo teaches us that brands, both big and small, have the ability to create an effective campaign; than will strike a chord with its audience.

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