Three Reasons Why Influencer Marketing Works

Three Reasons Why Influencer Marketing Works

The future of marketing and influencers is huge. Individuals with a high following are taking over our social media accounts; becoming celebrities of the digital age. Whether there is an influencer reviewing products with a small following or an individual who has millions of followers; influencers can have a positive effect on your business. The team at VerriBerri, a marketing company in Essex, want to tell you three reasons why influencer marketing works so well.

Loyal Audience

Influencers already have their own loyal followers with those who are genuinely interested in them and want to hear what they have to say. If your business wants to share a new product, asking an influencer to complete a review to their social media followers is an effective way to build brand awareness. This works especially well if you have a niche product that targets a specific audience as influencers allow you to reach those that are hard to find.

Fresh Take on Your Business

It’s a great idea to work with an influencer as they will have several ideas on how they can help your business. A fresh pair of eyes combined with the flexibility of their own brand can help to market your business in a new light to consumers. If you ask an influencer to do a takeover of your account then it immediately gives credibility to your brand; as they associate you with them.

Trusted Opinions

A recent study found that 92% of consumers believe suggestions from friends and family more than advertising. Influencers in this modern age are seen as friends or acquaintances online and are equally trusted with their opinions. This is a great advantage for your business as you will have trusted reviews on your products or services; if you choose the right influencer.

Influencer marketing isn’t easy. Knowing the right influencers that can help promote your products or services can be difficult. At VerriBerri, media company in Essex, we provide a variety of social media marketing services; that can help connect your business with influencers and help with your marketing needs. For more information about our media company in Essex; Contact the team today.

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