What We​ Can Learn from Boots the Retailer and its Makeover

What We​ Can Learn from Boots the Retailer and its Makeover

With over 17 million people signed up to its loyalty scheme; there is no doubt that Boots is one of the most well-known retail high street stores on the market. At the moment, the retailer is going through regeneration in terms of its branding. VerriBerri, a media company in Essex, would like to highlight 3 things we can learn from this.

Rebranding Online

Nowadays due to the rise in social media and change in consumer behaviour, many businesses are having to rethink about how their business runs. In order to keep up with how consumers want to shop online, Boots has needed to modernise the way its website looks. Customers want a streamlined, simple way to purchase products. It needs to be efficient for people to stay online for a long period of time.

Changing the Beauty Experience

As the largest pharmacy health and beauty chain in the UK, Boots has experienced a drop in beauty sales within the last few years. The business is going to trade in traditional beauty counters for live demonstrations to make customers feel more involved in the products. Similar to the extremely popular YouTube videos the younger generation spend hours watching; these demonstrations will show how products can be used and the looks they can create.

Advantage Schemes

With the rise of beauty demonstrations found online and the beauty industry changing by the minute; the retail brand has had to adapt to the changing needs of the beauty industry. By making the advantage card digital it will allow people to keep track of their rewards easily. Due to the simplicity of it, people will be more likely to use their advantage scheme; and in turn be encouraged to purchase their products from the retailer.

If your business is going through a rebrand and you want to know how to make it as effective as possible; the VerriBerri, media company in Essex, would be more than happy to help. Get in touch with the team today on 01376 386850.

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