Three Fabulous LGBT PR Campaigns That Celebrate Pride

Three Fabulous LGBT PR Campaigns That Celebrate Pride

This month, people around the world are celebrating LGBT+ Pride. In the UK, parades and events are held to celebrate the LGBT community and remember the struggles they have overcome.

Pride is a big marketing strategy for many companies and if done correctly can help win the trust of consumers. To celebrate pride, VerriBerri, LGBT PR agency, have gathered three of the best LGBT PR campaigns that feature or cater to the community.


For Food and Drink PR, Smirnoff’s LGBT campaign did more than simply slap a rainbow on its bottles. As a brand with Russian Roots, the Vodka giant demonstrated a commitment to the community by raising awareness of discrimination and abuse of gay and transgender people. Smirnoff utilised social media marketing to monitor the abuse of their gay and transgender fans; and respond to the trolls with artworks of love.

Channel 4

Channel Fours LGBT PR campaign won us over last year with it’s true to brand, yet history conscious, campaign. The television channel debuted four films telling the stories of gay characters that pushed the boundaries of acceptability and celebrated homosexuality. Channel Four, as a brand, channel four stands for diversity and bravery; which is what it successfully conveyed in its Pride campaign.


Football isn’t well known for its LGBT players. In fact, 63% of LGBT+ supporters have faced homophobic abuse. As a result of this, Lace Up For Sport saw professional footballers show their support for the community; by wearing rainbow laces during matches. This was done to help change the opinions of a typical straight, male audience and start a conversation about homosexuality in football.

It’s positive to see brands getting involved in Pride. But when it comes to LGBT PR, brands need to do more than add a rainbow to their branding if they want to appear genuine to their audience.

Here at VerriBerri, Essex PR Agency, we strongly support the LGBT community and pride ourselves on helping brands establishing themselves as allies they can trust.

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