Three Brand’s That Have Fun With Father’s Day Campaigns

Three Brand’s That Have Fun With Father’s Day Campaigns

Father’s Day is this Sunday and brands are pulling out all the stops. Like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day is a competitive holiday; with the average UK consumer spending almost £800 million. As a result, there has been some great digital marketing campaigns that have topped our list of favourites.

Here at VerriBerri, digital marketing agency Essex, we understand the power of Father’s Day marketing campaigns. With this in mind, here’s three brands that have fun with their Father’s Day campaigns.


As part of its Father’s Day social media marketing campaign, KFC released a video advertising the KFC Bucket Bjorn. Branded as the “carrier that keeps KFC close to your heart”, the video quickly went viral for its humorous content; and kept audiences talking about the brand.


Nothing says Father’s Day like a six pack of beer, right? Well across the pond, US beer brands have been known to take over entire towns to generate hype; and this year was no exception. Busch took to New York and creatively covered the town in reminders for the family to buy their dads beer. As a result, the campaign was a huge offline success; as both sales and word of mouth scores for Busch increased.


Not all Father’s Day campaigns were created to sell products. This Father’s Day, Dove Men released a new global campaign named Dear Future Dads to support paternity leave for dads. Dove produced a video which provided opinions on masculinity and why fathers should be more involved their children’s lives.

Dove’s content marketing campaign struck a chord amongst its audiences and quickly started a debate about paternity leave. Despite it’s serious undertones, the brand was successful in increasing brand awareness on Father’s Day by showing its allegiance to an important social cause.

When it comes to Father’s Day campaigns, it can be tough to come up with an idea that’s both fun and original. If you would like more information about how digital marketing in Essex can help to grow your business, get in touch with VerriBerri, Marketing & PR Agency Essex, today on 01376 386 850.

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