Why Instagram Is the Secret to Retail Succes

Why Instagram Is the Secret to Retail Succes

Instagram is not just a place where millennials go to post food pictures. There’s real money changing hands; influenced by the power of the social media platform. As a result of this, Instagram now has the ability to promote and sell products; moving closer to becoming a full ecommerce site.

So why is Instagram the secret to retail success? At VerriBerri, social media marketing agency, we reveal four ways your brand can benefit from the platform.

Visual Platform

Statistics show that 40% of people respond better to visual information than just plain text. If you have attractive products, Instagram is the ideal platform to display them. The most important part to Instagram is ensuring your posts are visually appealing so they help to sell your products. Make sure your images are high quality and artistic to encourage your target audience to like and engage with your content.

If you are unable to showcase your services, why not invest in influencer marketing to illustrate them? That way, you can increase your brand awareness and customer perception of your business.

Shoppable Posts

Have you ever seen a pair of shoes on Instagram that you just had to buy? Instagram has now bridged the gap between social media marketing and ecommerce with shoppable posts. By setting up shoppable Instagram posts, your retail brand will be able to successfully maximise their impact on their target audience; by shopping straight from the app.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is now the number one way to successfully promote your brand. Retail brands are now creating shorts, mobile-friendly stories that communicate a compelling story; relevant to their brand message. As a result of this, retail brands are able to build a relationship with their consumers and encourage impulsive buying.

Creating a successful social media marketing strategy for Instagram isn’t easy. At VerriBerri, Essex digital marketing agency, we provide a variety of effective marketing services; including creative design and social media marketing.

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