What Black Mirror Teaches Us About Content Marketing

What Black Mirror Teaches Us About Content Marketing

Our Essex digital marketing team are huge fans of Black Mirror. When Black Mirror first appeared in 2011, the show likened technology to a drug and the harmful side effects of using it. The series takes existing technologies and places them in a near future where they are just advanced enough to frighten or tempt us.

When asked about the show in 2015, Andy Maskin from Adweek claimed Black Mirror “clearly demonstrates the myriad ways technology alters our behaviour. This idea is absolutely central to content marketing”. Since the show’s fifth series premiered earlier this month, we couldn’t help but agree.

With this in mind, Here’s three content marketing lessons, from our Essex digital marketing agency, that we can learn from Black Mirror.

U.S.S Callister

With great power comes great responsibility. This is something quickly taken advantage of in Black Mirror, especially in episode one, season four; USS Callister. Here, a twisted code developer traps his self-aware digital co-workers in a Star Trek like fantasy game and tortures them.

So how does this relate to content marketing? Black Mirror teaches us that technology encourages people to act upon their worse impulses. While content marketers have the power to reach consumers as and when they please; that doesn’t mean they should abuse that power to continuously push messages on them.


After momentarily losing her daughter, Marie has a chip inserted into Sarah’s brain; so she can protect her from seeing anything potentially distressing and keep an eye on her at all times.

Just like Sarah, your customers don’t need to be hidden from the truth. 71% of consumers have a more positive brand perception of businesses that demonstrate a social conscience. By creating ‘woke’ content; this shows your brand is doing its part to make the world a better place.


After helping her friend cover up a hit and run, Mia is moved to commit increasingly horrific crimes. Working as an accident investigator; Shazia mines the memories of witnesses to crimes. When the two-cross paths; it’s quickly met with disastrous results.

While memory mining technology might seem futuristic, it’s already here. Knowing who to trust with your personal data can be difficult; especially when it comes to new GDPR rules. VerriBerri recommends implementing a fun influencer campaign that reassures customers you can be trusted with their data.

When it comes to content marketing, knowing the right angle to strike with your audience can be difficult. At VerriBerri, Essex digital marketing agency, we provide a variety of services to ensure your content marketing campaigns are a success.

If you would like more information about our services, get in touch with our creative agency in Essex today.

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