How Eco-Conscious Millennials Shaped Hospitality Marketing

How Eco-Conscious Millennials Shaped Hospitality Marketing

Millennials are the most environmentally- conscious generation to date, with 75% of them willing to pay extra for sustainable products. Studies show that millennial shoppers are willing to spend more on products and services; from brands that appear to be socially responsible in their hospitality marketing campaigns.

With 75% of the consumer marketing predicted to be millennials by 2025; it’s now more crucial than ever to shift your focus onto ‘generation green’. But how does this relate to the hospitality industry?

In this week’s blog, our hospitality marketing team reveals how millennials are shaping the hospitality industry.

Wholesome and Healthy

Dubbed the wellness generation by Sanford Health; Millennials care about the type of food they’re putting into their system. In fact, 69% of millennials will spend more to buy natural, fresh or organic good compared to 57% of baby boomers. They want to know where the food has been sourced from and want wholesome, healthy options on demand.

To capitalise on this, brands should seek to create an effective content marketing strategy; that can illustrate how wholesome and healthy their food really is.


Millennials hate one-use plastics and wasteful packaging due to their impact on the environment. To ensure your business doesn’t get overlooked; try experimenting with your takeaway packaging. Not only will this establish your business as eco-friendly; but increase a positive consumer perception of your brand.

Standing Out from The Crowd

Millennials are the driving force behind sustainable trends in the hospitality industry. From biodegradable Costa cups to vegan dishes; it’s crucial for brands to respond well to the environmental issues voiced by millennials. Brands that are unable to adapt are more likely to struggle and potentially face a PR crisis.

From PR articles on zero waste dining to fun social media marketing posts about organic dishes; now is the time to invest in a hospitality marketing agency. At VerriBerri, Essex hospitality marketing agency; we specialise in food marketing for brands within the hospitality industry. Our agency provides effective food and drink marketing and PR; for hospitality brands in the UK and around the world.

If you would like more information about our hospitality marketing and PR services; get in touch with our award-winning agency today!

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