Social Media Marketing: Is the Influencer Bubble Set to Burst

Social Media Marketing: Is the Influencer Bubble Set to Burst

An influencer was caught out on social media after she failed to sell 36 t-shirts required to start her clothing line; despite having 2 million followers.

People were quick to jump on this, with many claiming that the influencer bubble was set to burst. But just how accurate is this claim and what does it mean for the future of social media marketing? Here’s our take on the situation.

Influencers It comes as a huge surprise that an influencer with over 2 million followers on Instagram couldn’t sell 36 shirts. Even if only 1% of her followers bought her merchandise, that still would have equated to over 20 thousand units.

It’s easy to think that because an influencer has a larger following, they are automatically able to sell products. But without the correct use of content marketing, it can be impossible to successfully market your products.

What This Means for Businesses

So, what does this mean for businesses who use influencer marketing campaigns? Brands will now have to be extra vigilant about who they choose for their campaigns. It’s important to choose someone that reflects your brand messaging, but have genuine engagement on their posts. If an influencer has millions of followers, but less than 10% engagement on their posts, it’s likely that they’ve bought their following and are not genuine.

When it comes to social media marketing, it’s not about converting every follower to a sale. It’s about building a large enough audience that will not only spread awareness of your brand, but also ensures a small percentage does purchase and grow with it.

Social Media Marketing Agency

So, is the influencer bubble set to burst on Influencer Marketing this year? No. However, that doesn’t mean brands shouldn’t be smart about who they choose for their social media marketing campaigns. It’s essential to focus on overall user engagement to ensure the success of your campaigns; rather than on the number of followers an influencer may have.

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