How Videos Can Improve Your Content Marketing Strategy

How Videos Can Improve Your Content Marketing Strategy

Videos are now the biggest form of content marketing, with 71% of consumers watching more online videos than ever before; according to HubSpot. Videos are now used in a variety of ways to help promote a brands product or services, while building a relationship with customers.

If you’re looking to improve your overall marketing strategy, video content is the best way to go. With this in mind, VerriBerri, content marketing agency Essex, outlines the top three ways videos can help improve your marketing strategy.

Increase Conversions

If you’re looking for a way to convert site views into purchases, videos are the way to go. According to Adelle Studios, videos on landing pages are able to increase conversion rates by more than 80%. This is due to videos offering a detailed guide of your product or service, that is easier to consum than plain text. By showing videos on your website, you’ll be able to increase consumer trust towards your brands; ultimately leading to conversions.

Improve SEO

Most people assume that SEO is only driven by written content. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, high quality video content can not only boost user engagement, but also drive traffic to your website. This is essential for businesses as click-through rates determine where you rank on Google.

What’s more, Google’s algorithms are increasingly prioritising pages with video content in the search results. As a result, it’s now more important than ever to utilise video in your content marketing strategy in order achieve success with your organic SEO.

More Engaging

According to Wordstream datasocial media marketing videos get 1200% more shares than images and text. Videos are a great way to engage with your audience as they can provide tips, tricks and hacks; that reach a wider audience in an entertaining way.

When looking to add video to your content marketing strategy, it’s vital that your content is professional and reflects your brand values. At VerriBerri, digital marketing agency Essex, we provide a variety of effective content marketing services to ensure you increase your brand awareness and credibility.

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