Why Sustainability Is the New Marketing Trend

Why Sustainability Is the New Marketing Trend

With David Attenborough challenging world leaders to address climate change and plastic use at an all-time high, it’s no surprise that brands are becoming more sustainable. As 88% of consumers demand brands to make a difference to the world; companies are now showcasing their sustainability efforts in their marketing campaigns to help ease the concerns of troubled consumers.

With this in mind, here’s three brands VerriBerri, Essex media company; believes proves that sustainability is the new marketing trend.


High end brands are quickly jumping on the sustainability trend. This year, Lacoste released a line of polo shirts to reflect the plummeting populations of endangered animals. The campaign saw the iconic crocodile logo replaced with ten creatures on the edge of extinction. The campaign was a complete success; with all shirts being sold and 100% of the profits being donated to the IUCN to help protect the species. As a result, this indicates a that sustainability drives the success of marketing campaigns as it indicates how consumer aware brands really are. 


While sustainability isn’t necessarily a new marketing concept, it is proving to be more popular in recent years. Since it first appeared on the high street, Lush has paved the way for sustainability within the beauty industry. Through its unique marketing efforts, Lush has shown support for grassroots activism as well as animal and environmental rights. What’s more, they have previously encouraged recycling on social media; by offering a free facemask to patrons who return empty pots.


Sustainability isn’t just a new trend in marketing, it’s also proved effective for PR too. Last year, Lego launched new blocks made from sugarcane. This was a reaction to the backlash it received from fans after New York Timesreported the original bricks to be damaging to the environment. The sustainable change was positively received by fans; highlighting that sustainability is a great PR trend for brands looking to improve their public perception.

Marketing the sustainability of your brand isn’t easy. At VerriBerri, Essex media company, we pride ourselves on offering a variety of services, including organic SEO, social media marketing and PR; to ensure your brand messaging paints your brand in a positive light. 

If you would like more information on how our Essex media company can help market sustainable brands; get in touch with our Essex PR team today on 01376 386850.

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