How Brands Connect With Millennials

How Brands Connect With Millennials

Millennials are the largest generation to date, with 35% set to make up the global workforce by 2020. Unlike previous generations, Millennials have grown up both tech savvy and sceptical of business motives; making it incredibly difficult for brands to connect with them.

With this in mind, our Essex PR agency VerriBerri reveals our top three tips to connect with Millennials to increase sales.

Authenticity is key.

The last thing Millennials want is to be on the receiving end of a sales pitch. Media distrust is high, the Deloitte surveyshowed43% of them felt traditional media negatively impacts the world. Being authentic throughout your content marketing is vital to gain the trust of Millennials. This will also contribute to the overall success of your campaigns.

Increase trust.

Building self-esteem in your social media marketing campaigns is a great way to build trust among your audience. When Forever 21 launched its plus size collection, it sent out weight loss bars to all of its customers; inciting outrage. Not only were the Akins bars seen as fat shaming, people strongly felt that the stunt could have triggered eating disorders in anyone vunerable.

In The Style recently looked for ‘badass babes’ to promote body confidence through user generated content. Their commitment to improving self-esteem of women in the fashion industry captured the hearts and minds of their audience; greatly improving their overall engagement and reach. 

Connect with your audience.

Fake it till you make it doesn’t work with Millennials. This generation has little time for shallow behaviour from brands. With this particular audience, a businesses’ intentions must be transparent in order to establish a connection. 

Creating engaging content that suits Millennials isn’t easy. At VerriBerri, our Essex PR agency, we provide a variety of services. Our campaigns will not only get your brand noticed, but attract Millennials in the process. 

If you would like more information on how our digital marketing agency can help you, get in touch with our creative team today on +44(0)1376 386850.

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