Lessons we can learn from PR mistakes

Lessons we can learn from PR mistakes

It’s always best to learn from your mistakes, especially in PR! With this in mind, our Essex PR team reveals the biggest industry blunders and the lessons we can learn from them.

The customer is always right.

In 2013, active wear company Lululemon Athletica received a number of complaints that their new yoga pants were too sheer to be worn in public. Rather than admit the issues they clearly had with quality control, their CEO Chip Wilson blamed their customers. According to Mashable UK, Wilson blamed how sheer the fabric was on overweight women wearing pants sized too small.

The lesson here is simple. Blaming your customers for your problems is an easy way to lose a loyal customer base. Instead, address your complaints directly and make sure to apologise if your brand is at fault.

Always address misconduct.

When it comes to crisis management, Dominos Pizza have proven to be the best at improving brand perception. In 2009, two Dominos employees posted a video of themselves performing unsanitary acts whilst working at one of the establishments.

As a result of their disgusting behavior and public outcry, CEO Patrick Doyle immediately fired the employees and offered a public apology via YouTube and Times Square. In this apology, he thanked Dominos online community and took immediate action on sanitizing practices in order to reassure the public that this would not happen again.

Dominos teaches us that your customers deserve to be respected. If your employees act in a way that harms the reputation of your business, it’s vital to reassure your customers that their safety and needs always come first.

Don’t get political.

The final PR lesson from our Essex media company, is to not let your brand get political. This year Boris Johnson posed for pictures in Heck’s sausage factory. He was holding two packs of ‘Boris Bangers’ made in his honour. However, this was quickly met with a strong backlash, prompting Twitter users to use #BoycottHeck.

In light of Heck’s recent PR disaster, it’s important for brands to have a strong crisis management strategy in place. As an Essex PR Agency, we believe it’s vital for all brands to have a plan in place, should negative press put your reputation on the line. VerriBerri aims to defend, protect and enhance your brand values, especially when issues threaten the reputation of your company.

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