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Chelmsford rebranding design agency

As a Chelmsford rebranding design agency, we know that making such a big change can be terrifying. Fears of becoming unrecognisable may be looming and this is bound to be leaving you feeling quite anxious. Despite the risk, your company’s image is vital. Those of you not willing to evolve will find yourselves regretting this decision. After all, it really is a case of diversify or die.

VerriBerri are elites when it comes to rebranding. We have an entire team dedicated to this expertise and have helped hundreds of clients around the world. Regardless of your industry, we’re bursting at the seams with ideas to refresh your business. As a multi-award-winning agency and one of the biggest in the South East, you’d be hard pushed to find a team better than ours. If you’re looking to grow your company and get ahead of your competition, you’ve come to the right place!

What Is Branding?

Before discussing rebranding further, you first need to understand what branding actually is. Many people believe this refers to their logo. Whilst this isn’t incorrect, branding actually encompasses many other features. These include your key colours, messaging and tone of voice and also, the fonts that you use.

Why Is Branding So Important?

The biggest benefit when it comes to branding is that it makes your business memorable. Ideally, your branding should remain consistent throughout everything you do. For instance, your packaging, website, social media profiles and even your email marketing. In order to be remembered, you need to create uniformity. Your customers should know exactly who you are, even if they can only see your brand colours.

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When creating elements such as your logo, these should tell a story about your company. They should tell consumers what your brand does and what you believe in. This helps improve the visibility of your business among your targeted segment. When an interested audience sees your branded content, it should make them stop scrolling. All in all, good branding helps increase your recognition.

It’s 2021 and most markets have become heavily overpopulated with online businesses looking to compete. This has made it all too easy for other companies to fade into the background. When you create strong branding, this should help you make noise in your industry. In addition, it should help potential consumers differentiate between you and your fellow competitors. Even if you are in a niche market, you shouldn’t overlook the importance of your image.  

Rebrand or Refresh?

Sometimes, it may not be necessary for your business to have a complete rebrand. Often, companies can get away with having a refresh. By this we mean updating and modernising your image by adapting certain elements. This is important so that you can keep up with the current market. Sometimes, however, a complete rebrand is necessary. This means a focus on shifting customer’s perceptions of your business. You may even go as far as looking to establish yourselves in a completely different market. This is needed if your sector has become crowded or expectations have changed. 

So, which do you need? It would be impossible for us to say without knowing more detail about your business and industry. However, it is important that when you change your image, you do it correctly. This may involve getting some good PR behind you. If you are in need of more tailored and direct advice, we recommend getting in touch. Our Chelmsford rebranding design agency would love to help!

How Rebranding Revived Instagram

Most of you will be familiar with social media site Instagram. Launching in 2010, their rebrand in 2016 came as quite the surprise. During this image change, their iconic logo was reformed into a more modernised design. At the time, this caused some controversial feelings towards the app. Many people were adverse to the change whilst others loved it. Despite the different opinions, the rebrand generated a lot of press for the company. As a result, their popularity spiralled and their user base now totals at around 1 billion. To this day, Instagram are still regularly updating their sites layout. 

How Our Chelmsford Rebranding Design Agency Can Help

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At VerriBerri, we believe our team to be our biggest superpower. Before lockdown hit, we all operated under the same roof with no outsourcing. Through the years, we have worked hard to build a happy working environment for our staff. We recognise that without their talents and dedication, we wouldn’t have a business. Therefore, we believe that having an environment where everyone feels valued is important. With our workforce being so close-knit, we’re constantly bouncing ideas off one another. Our quality of work is extremely high and having us all in one place means better communication channels for our clients. Keep up to date with our work on your project without all the fuss of multiple contacts.

Having worked with so many different businesses across the years, we know how diverse you all are. This means that the approach we take is constantly changing. So that we can provide amazing results, we ensure all our packages are completely bespoke. We promise a unique service to each of our customers allowing us to better tailor towards your needs.

And if that wasn’t already enough to tempt you, we’re also affordable too! We know that marketing can get expensive and this can be off-putting. However, there are far less costly options than utilising one of the big city agencies. Being based in the heart of Essex means we can pass our savings onto you. We promise the same amazing quality for half the price!

Contact Our Chelmsford Rebranding Design Agency

If you’re unsure of whether you need a reboot, why not get in touch? Our Chelmsford rebranding design agency would be happy to offer our advice. Alternatively, if you’d like more information on any of our other services, we’d love to have a chat. To reach the team, call the offices on 01376 386 850, check out our social media or click here!