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As a content creator sat here writing this; the idea of composing a blog around our agency’s daily running is an unusual one. Not that I’m not looking to the idea, far from it, but my whole job is predicated around the idea of writing for other people, for our clients. So, to depart from this to tell you all about how our marketing agency in Essex runs is exciting, indeed!

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I will do my level best to write an engaging piece and not one that reads like a 7-year-old’s attempts to write about their summer holidays. If you’re new to us; we’re VerriBerri – we’re an agency based in Maldon offering a whole host of marketing and PR services; and biased though I may be, it’s a pretty fabulous place to work. So, join me for the next few hundred words as I attempt to find a flavour of what it’s like to work in such a creatively-driven space. Read on…

The Start Of The Day

Typically, we get in for 8 o’clock in the morning, an early start but you soon get used to it! One of us will usually whack the kettle on and take the morning’s hot drinks orders. Requests range from milky tea to coffee so black that your very soul stares back at you. Some of us have our own mugs; whilst some of us play a daily low-stakes game of Russian Roulette. “Will I get the one with the dodgy handle and spill hot liquids all over myself?” – almost certainly. We all sit down, fire up our computers, and filter through our inboxes. In this way, regardless of our particular job titles, we all start the day in roughly the same way. Then, gradually, we’ll start to get cracking with our specific roles.

A Content Creator’s Life Is The Life For Me

Sat at my modern-fangled typewriter (read: keyboard) my mornings consist of writing blogs; usually as many of them as I can. If it’s not writing them then it’ll be uploading them. Everyone here at our marketing agency in Essex likes to work collaboratively, where possible. That means whatever work a client is having done, our teams will look for input from one another; I, for example, might ask our resident graphic designers how my content would work with their infographics.

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This means the work that we put out tends to be of a much more well-rounded nature than it might be otherwise. The blogs that I write range in length; some are punchy, fun pieces, whilst others are industry deep-dives that get me really researching. I must admit that the nerdier part of me has always enjoyed more information-based blogs; though I wouldn’t tell anyone! People sometimes ask me whether I get bored of writing, given that I’m writing for clients and not myself. But this is exactly why I find it so interesting every day. Each blog for each client will have an entirely distinct tone of voice and I need to change and adapt my writing style each time, accordingly. A content creator is a bit chameleonic when you come to think of it!


The fabled hour where all work chat is silenced and we sit and silently judge lunchtime choices. At the bottom of the pack (where I usually sit, proudly might I add) are those who pop to the shops to buy a meal deal. Over the months we perfect the balance of sandwich, crisps and drink; finally reaching a perfect nutritional equilibrium – that is, until other members of the team rudely criticise it. (I’m not bitter, I promise!). Then, at the other end of the food chain, reigning supreme, are the pair who bring in their own griddle, halogen oven, and slow cooker to whip up some gourmet dish every day like they’re on MasterChef or something! I’m not naming and I’m not shaming, my lips are sealed. (Read: I don’t want to lose my job, thank you very much).

The End Of The Day

After lunch, with stomachs satisfied; we’ll head back to our desks and pick up the phones, start writing or carry on with our graphic design projects depending on who it is. The afternoon is obviously when people start to flag a bit; when people get tired, they do not hold back against whoever is playing resident office DJ for the day. The safe choice is the radio or the charts, but this doesn’t win you respect. The bolder, but much higher risk choice, is to play one of your more niche artists or playlists. People define bravery in many ways. To me, bravery is playing rock in an open plan office…

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At the time of writing it’s a Wednesday which, for me, means only one thing. Tomorrow is my day off. We work a four-day week here at our marketing agency in Essex as a counterbalance to the longer days; we’ve found that we’re more productive and can get into a much better work flow state. It keeps us happier and it keeps our clients happier. What’s not to like! Come 6 o’clock and we’ll all walk out of the office ready to do it all again the next day. (Unless it’s our day off, of course!). Our office is located on the water of an estuary, and in the summer, the pub opposite provides a lovely place to sit down, have a pint and talk about things non-work related!

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Part of my remit as a writer is to avoid clichés wherever possible, but in this instance, I can’t help but say that the best things come in small packages. We’re not a huge agency by any stretch of the imagination, but we punch well above our weight when it comes to our results. So, if you’d like to find out more about our marketing agency in Essex, then get in touch! Contact VerriBerri today on 01376 386 850.