A Personal Trainer Marketing Agency

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A Personal Trainer Marketing Agency

Reaching A New Personal Best With A Personal Trainer Marketing Agency

Reaching peak physical fitness is one thing, reaching your ultimate business and marketing goals is quite another. What with so many qualified personal trainers now occupying the industry space; you’re going to need to train smarter with regards to your marketing if you want to succeed. Just like with fitness, going into your marketing without a plan is only going to lead to injury and stunted results. The team here at VerriBerri, a leading personal trainer marketing agency, wanted to look at how smarter marketing can lead to hitting those extra income reps.

Tailored As You Would Your Client’s Fitness Plan

People entering your gym have different requirements depending on their circumstances and their own personal objectives. Some people will come to you with functional training in mind, looking to get ready for an event or a race. Others will come to you wanting to lose weight, some may want to put on muscle, some will just like the routine of it! The point is that there isn’t a miracle one-size-fits-all training plan, much though some less reputable ‘personal trainers’ would like there to be. You have to fit your plan around your client and scale it to their abilities. It is exactly the same with your marketing strategy, the parallel is actually scarily similar.

If your goal as a personal trainer is to grow your brand recognition, then a concerted campaign around PR and social media marketing is the way forward. On the other hand; if your goal as a personal trainer is to change and overhaul the way your ‘brand’ presents itself, then a complete rebranding, including graphic design, would be the focus. A personal trainer marketing agency will be able to tell you what form of marketing best suits your goals in no time at all.

A Strong Sense Of Brand Is Crucial For Personal Trainers

You may think that the importance of business or service’s branding holds equal weighting, regardless of the industry. In reality, however, there are definitely sectors which require a stronger ‘voice’ in their branding than others. Don’t believe us? Well, consider this example. If you’re looking to use the services of an IT solutions company for your office, for example, then you’re going to want to see something slick, corporate and professional. You’re going to require testimonials and examples of where their work and services.

We’d bet our last penny on the fact that you would pay less attention to this company’s logo, the colours and graphics used than you would to the service itself. Now, take a personal trainer, in contrast, and the reverse is true. Given that there are so many personal trainers out there, simply ‘being’ a personal trainer isn’t enough to attract custom. We’re talking competitiveness to the extent where there are many personal trainers to choose from in one gym alone.

So, you need your branding to come across as strong, clear and having a singular vision. What’s your USP? If you don’t have one th- wrong, everyone has one. Or, at least, everyone can spin something they do or offer into one. If you don’t offer a specific training as a focus, just general training, then what are the qualities that set you apart? Do you beast your clients or guide them gently through their sessions? Is your focus the results and the goal or the journey and the process itself? Is it social or serious? As you can see, then, there are a huge number of ways in which you can brand yourself. Whatever you do, however, and whichever you choose, make it crystal clear and straightforward.

One Of The Few Industries Where Brochures Are Still Helpful

Generally speaking, print brochures have become dated in most sectors, their usefulness undermined by newer, contemporary counterparts like social media accounts. That being said, the personal training industry is one where they still remain effective. The reason? If you’re looking to get through to someone, a potential client, on their way out of the gym, then you’re trying to get through to someone drenched with state, wobbling on their legs in a semi-comatose state.

They don’t want to be guided through to a web page, to be told to ‘click this, then this, then this, then this’. What they want is something they can grab and have a look at when they’re feeling more alive. Use the graphic designers of a personal trainer marketing agency to compose a brochure that both gets across the salient points of your services, and also engages people, something that actually gets people casting more than a passing glance at it.

Target Local Marketing

Unless you have a perverse desire to drive the nation’s motorways all day and every day to reach clients, the chances are that, as a personal trainer, you will operate out of one or two gyms. You have a fixed base, as it were. That’s not to say you can’t still market more nationally (offering paid workout plans, supplements and consultations etc.), but the majority of your work will invariably be targeted around one key, nucleus area. This means that your marketing should be correspondingly focused. Fortunately, today’s marketing world is very accommodating to such strategies. Using long-tailed geographic hashtags in your social media posts is just one way of accessing the local demographic. Putting #bestpersonaltrainerinEssex rather than simply #bestpersonaltrainer is far more likely to get the kinds of people looking at your content that may actually convert into clients.

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When I went to the gym the other day, I went straight to the bench and attempted to press a new personal best. Unsurprisingly, I didn’t. I hadn’t warmed up, I hadn’t been working towards it in my previous sessions leading up to it, and I hadn’t set myself properly. If you don’t put in the appropriate marketing legwork as a personal trainer, then you’re not going to get the number of clients you want. It’s as simple as that. So, if you’d like to find out more about our personal trainer marketing agency, then get in touch! Contact VerriBerri today on 01376 386 850. We’d love to see how we could help your marketing gainz moving forward.