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Aesthetics Marketing Agency

Aesthetics Marketing Agency: How to Boost Your Sales in 2021

Based in Maldon, Essex, VerriBerri is a multi-award-winning marketing and PR agency. We specialise in bringing aesthetic companies more exposure and brand awareness from the techniques we employ. This helps them to become more established within their industry and promotes growth. 

We have operated in this sector for 12 years helping both small start-ups and multinational conglomerates. No matter where in the world you are based, we promise results above and beyond your expectations. 

Why You Need Marketing

In 2025, it’s projected that the aesthetics industry will be worth $758.4 billion. This teamed with the fact new trends are coming into play constantly means lots of businesses are eager to capitalise from this sector. Naturally, this means competition is rife. In turn, this makes things difficult for individual businesses to stand out from the crowd. Marketing is all about improving your recognition so that more people are familiar with your brand. The skillset of an aesthetics marketing agency will assist in bringing you to the forefront of an otherwise saturated market. 

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Through promoting recognition, marketing and PR will naturally bring you more site traffic and sales. These are necessary components when it comes to both internal and external growth. The more people have heard of your brand, the more sought-after your product or service becomes. If done properly, marketing offers your company the ability to go global. To reiterate, this could be the making of your company.

If this wasn’t enough to sway you already, marketing is also a powerful tool when it comes to solidifying your reputation. This can be achieved through various different components but mainly graphic design. Branding is often the first thing people see of your company and what they’re most likely to remember. The more impressive and unique your branding is, the more elite you’ll appear. You’re also of course, more recognisable that way too. 

What Our Aesthetics Marketing Agency Suggests for You

Fortunately, when it comes to marketing aesthetics, you’re greeted with a variety of different options. Where this can be an issue, however, is when it comes to inexperienced individuals trying to decipher the best course of action. Looking at everything from the starting line can be extremely daunting and overwhelming. As marketing experts, it is our job to identify the key areas you should be targeting. For a tailored marketing strategy, it’s always best to get in touch with VerriBerri directly for your free proposal! In the meantime, let’s explore some of the components we suggest – in general – for clients in your sector:

Social Media Management

Social media management is often something that companies opt to do themselves. Of course, this seems only natural given how familiar it is to us all. Even though this is the case, many companies struggle when it comes to boosting engagement on their posts. Although you may have a creative mind, getting social media right also requires a lot more in-depth knowledge to work in conjunction. You may think you know all there is but actually, getting your hashtags perfect, building engagement, and satisfying the algorithm is a harder task than you may think. 

For those of you unfamiliar with social media, Instagram is a popular platform for sharing media such as videos and photos. Published in 2010, it’s an extremely fast-growing outlet and one loved by the younger generations. In fact, 75% of people aged 18-24 are using Instagram. The second biggest age demographic after this is 25–29-year-olds. In addition to this, 52% of their users are female. With this in mind, it’s fairly obvious that their target market is a close match to yours. 

As well as posting regularly on Instagram, Facebook is also a powerful tool you should be utilising. Typically, the users of Facebook are female and slightly older than on Instagram. Their biggest age demographic is reportedly those within the 25-34 bracket. Comparatively, their smallest is 13–17-year-olds. Knowing this information, you can begin to see how both of these platforms blend well together. Using both is sure to mean you’re reaching the majority of your target audience. 

With so many of us scrolling through social media on a daily basis, this is of course a great way to improve brand visibility. The benefits of social media for business go much further than this, however. Social media also serves purpose when it comes to building exclusivity and customer service also. Not to mention the impact it has on your SEO value.

Public Relations

Public relations are often an area that clients tend to shy away from. Whilst the journalism industry may be an unpredictable one, we’ve constructed our PR guarantee to ensure you’re never left high and dry. This way, you never have to worry about being left with less than you expected. This is a common issue our clients have run into with previous marketing agencies; as such we felt it was imperative to assure them transparency and rubberstamp it! 

When it comes to aesthetics, PR coverage should definitely be targeted at mainstream names as well as glossies. Given how large the reach is of popular publications such as The Sun, you’re of course going to tap into new markets. In comparison, glossies will help you reach your direct target audience. This term refers to publications that are dedicated to fashion, beauty or celebrities. For example, Cosmopolitan. 

Like social media, public relations can also have a big effect on your SEO value. Gaining good quality backlinks from digital PR will make you far more desirable to Google. 

Graphic Design

With the pandemic, more and more businesses have started to become heavily reliant on their website. Given your market, it’s likely this is the case for you also. Despite this, there are still plenty of websites out there that are clunky and hard to use. In order to ensure maximum ROI, you need to invest time into getting your website right. Making sure your end user experience is as fluid as possible is vital if you want to convert traffic into sales. This is something our aesthetics marketing agency know a lot about. 

As well as this, graphic design also encompasses branding. As we touched on earlier, this is important for setting the tone for your company. If your branding is done well, this should position you as elite specialists in your industry. This will bring you a boost in demand, as well as more recognition. Helping you to better stimulate growth.

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At VerriBerri, impressing our clients is always our main priority. To help us achieve this, all of our packages are completely unique and tailormade to suit our clients. This way, we can ensure the best results possible whilst still staying within budget. If our aesthetics marketing agency sounds like the perfect match for you, why not get in touch? Doing so is easy! Simply click here.