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Aesthetics PR Firm

When looking for the right aesthetics PR firm for your business, you need to be confident they will deliver as promised. The trouble with public relations, however, is that the whole process can be an unpredictable one. With journalists dropping stories as they please, it can feel like an impossible battle to gain press coverage. This is where we come in.

At VerriBerri, we are an elite aesthetics PR firm offering security for our clients. We are the only company within the UK to offer a complete PR guarantee. This means that if leads are lost, we always promise to replace them. We are THAT confident in our work. 

Furthermore, we have been operating within this market for over a decade. During this time, we have been awarded a long list of accolades. With our dedication, you’d be hard pushed to find a better team than ours.

What Are Public Relations?

Public relations (PR) are a form of marketing that helps build a relationship between a business and their audience. In other words, it bridges the gap between the two. PR takes existing sources and utilises their already established audience to build visibility for a brand. These sources include the likes of newspapers, magazines, podcasts, radio and even influencers. 

Influencer Marketing

When the likes of YouTube and Instagram came to be, people quickly turned to making content about their various hobbies and skills. Although unable to be paid for this initially, things quickly changed. Fast forward to 2021 and these creators are now raking in millions a year for their content. 

When sharing online, these creators were able to build a bond with their followers over shared interests. More importantly, they were able to generate trust. With such a strong relationship, this makes them a powerful tool when it comes to marketing.

Think of influencer marketing as being similar to celebrity endorsement. Once, people would have gone mad for anything with Britney Spears’ face on it. Nowadays, send an influencer your product and you’ll get a flood of traffic to your website. In fact, research even shows that 70% of teens say they trust content creators more than your usual celebrity. 

The aesthetics industry is perfect when it comes to influencer marketing. Although there may be a few exceptions, there aren’t many of you this cannot benefit. Where the difficultly comes in, however, is in reaching out to these influencers and managing campaigns. If spare time is in short supply, our aesthetics PR firm would be more than happy to lend a hand.

Mainstream Media

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As a business within the aesthetics industry, you may have a fairly broad and diverse target segment. Even if you offer a more niche service, it’s always good to be seen by the masses. Mainstream media outlets such as The Sun or Cosmopolitan have a huge reach. This makes them the perfect place to promote your product or service. Moreover, being seen in largescale publications can work wonders for your credibility. Afterall, they wouldn’t risk their reputation by promoting you, unless you were trustworthy. 

An added bonus of appearing in digital publications is that these usually generate back-links. These are extremely helpful when it comes to your SEO and how high you rank on Google. The more popular the source, the more favourability you build and the higher you appear on the SERP. This will help new customers to discover you, something that is vital in such a saturated market.

Crisis Management

Finally, we come to crisis management. As the name suggests, this is for when things go wrong. As an aesthetics PR firm, we also specialise in reputation management and making sure detrimental stories stay away from the press.

crisis management

Unfortunately, things don’t always go to plan when you run a business. You may find yourself dealing with product recalls or a tricky staff situation. Either way, there is always a journalist waiting to report on your mistakes. Obviously, this can be extremely damaging for your image and in some cases, businesses never recover. As a professional crisis management team, it is our job to stop this from happening to you. Alternatively, to manage the fallout if a crisis has already occurred. 

The reality is, no business should assume a crisis won’t happen to them. Think of crisis management as an insurance policy for your reputation. It’s always good to have a strategy in place in case you find yourself in a sticky situation.

Case Study

We could sit here all day telling you why you need to work with VerriBerri however, you shouldn’t just take our word for it. We love boasting about our achievements and celebrating our success, as every business should. Let’s reminisce on one of our recent PR campaigns for the launch of a new perfume. 

A few years ago, we were approached by a perfume company ahead of the launch of their JoJo Siwa branded product. The aim was to boost sales and spread awareness through PR and social media. 

Drawing in closer on PR, we were able to secure coverage in both national and teenage magazines. These met our target audience perfectly and gave us free exposure. We were able to produce seven PR leads each month with an average viewing of 13.75 million. You can only imagine how huge this was for the brand. Off the back of our efforts, we were even able to assist in solidifying their partnership with The Perfume Shop!

Contact Our Aesthetics PR Firm

At VerriBerri, we have spent years building relationships within the journalism and influencer industries. During our 12 years of service, we have built a respected name for ourselves. More often than not, these contacts now come to us to help them develop their story. This has provided our clients with a wealth of amazing opportunities.

If you want to work alongside a well-known aesthetics PR firm who care about the service they provide, look no further. As a growing agency, we are always ready to dedicate the time your brand deserves. What’s more, we love watching companies grow as we do too. To get in touch, click here!