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Animal Marketing Agency

Having been an animal marketing agency for almost 12 years, we have worked with a massive variety of animal brands. From sanctuaries to dog food, we have done it all. What’s more, 16 out of 18 of us are pet owners right here in the office; so, we are your target market. This means we not only understand the techniques but appreciate exactly what kind of marketing appeals to your customers. 

Types of Marketing

Marketing is a pretty broad term. Essentially it relates to anything you do that actively promotes your company. The main goal of any marketing campaign is effectively to increase your brands awareness. This can be done through a range of different techniques. Let’s explore specifically the ones most appropriate when talking about animal brands. 

Public Relations

Although some aspects of marketing you can do yourselves, public relations are usually something people struggle with. Knowing who to contact and getting coverage in press can be tricky, especially if you’re a start-up. Our animal marketing agency have a wide range of contacts in both mainstream and industry specific press. Also, with our 11 years of experience, we know exactly who you should be getting in touch with and can do this for you. We have a team dedicated to PR and they’re experts in pitching to the media. 


Appearing in the press can be huge for any business. The kind of exposure you can get from being featured in a magazine or newspaper article is unlimited. When you consider your target audience, if they are the general public who own pets, mainstream media is bound to give you a much further reach. Not only this, but it may reach areas of your target demographic you weren’t otherwise touching; such as the older generation for example. You may not reach them through social media or your website, but you may through a newspaper, TV, podcast, or magazine.

Social Media

The types of social media out there are endless. With so many to choose from, you really should be choosing the best one for you. Knowing the demographics of each platform and the types of posts that do well on each is something you can discover through some basic research. It’s for this reason that people often like to tackle this area themselves. Where people sometimes look for help from an animal marketing agency is when they are struggling for content. This is something we’re experts in and we have loads of ideas ready to implement for you.

Instagram is a photo and video sharing platform. It’s here that companies with a physical product tend to do well. As well, with a younger generation using the platform, animal content tends to be quite popular and do quite well. Even amongst those who aren’t pet owners. Moving onto Twitter, this platform is the most relaxed of the bunch. Marketing on here can be very effective however, you do tend to have to post very frequently to build up any kind of following. LinkedIn is great for any B2B marketing. Built for connecting companies specifically, companies on LinkedIn tend to take a much more professional approach. Of course, there are many other social media platforms I haven’t touched on, but we’d be here forever if I did!


Persian Cat

Google is massive. Research shows that 51% of online shoppers use Google to research before making a purchase. There are many things to consider when looking into SEO. With both on-site and off-site SEO being equally as important, it can quickly become overwhelming. When considering your Google ranking, there are some areas that cross over. Social media and content creation for example. These are both great ways to boost your ranking on the SERP. Looking at the other areas of SEO, things to consider are back-linking, improving your loading speed, and optimizing for smartphones to name a few. 

Content Creation

For those of you who aren’t creative, composing content may not be your forte. Coming up with new concepts and having to write 1,000 words about said topic is difficult. What’s more, it can sometimes be tedious and time consuming. Our animal marketing agency are constantly working on our own blog (but of course you already knew that.) Having our own content team has meant that we are able to dedicate as much time to writing for our clients as possible. Of course, not all content writing is blog related. It also includes writing web pages and padding out already existing ones. 

It’s one thing being able to write content but making it good and SEO appropriate is a whole other story. To do so, you have to consider things like your sentence length, formatting and answering questions that people may type into the Google search page. Demanding, right?


Much like content creation, graphic design requires a keen eye. Knowing what colours blend well together isn’t something that comes naturally to everyone. This being said, branding is integral when building an image for your company. Without it, people won’t remember who you are. Branding should be carried through everything you do as a company. This way, people will become familiar with your colours, language and logo and this then becomes what they associate with your company. Having our own team dedicated to design, VerriBerri can help with everything ranging from logos, website design, branding, business cards and leaflets. 

Why You Need a Marketing Agency

Wasting money is something every company wants to avoid especially in light of the current pandemic. This being said, although there are initial costs involved with outsourcing your work to an animal marketing agency, the main aim for us is to make your ROI as profitable as possible. Furthermore, letting us take care of your marketing needs frees up time for you to be more focussed on your brand. 

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Every business owner should be invested in the success of their business. It wouldn’t make sense if you weren’t. We encourage our clients to see bringing onboard a marketing agency an investment, not a cost. If our help is something you think your company could benefit from, we would love to get involved. To find out more, click here to get in touch with us today.