Award Winning Marketing and PR Agency: How to Increase Your Sales

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Award Winning Marketing and PR Agency: How to Increase Your Sales

Based near Chelmsford, VerriBerri is an award winning marketing and PR agency. We have worked alongside hundreds of brands to help them optimise the way their business operates. Our team have 12 years of experience and a wealth of knowledge surrounding the marketing landscape. What’s more, we know exactly what your customers want to see from you. We are extremely dedicated to what we do and always promise to go above and beyond for our clients. If you’re after a team who cares, you’ve come to the right place!

How to Increase Your Sales Through Marketing

Let’s cut to the chase, people use marketing to increase their sales. We all know this is one of the biggest benefits. Despite this, what many people don’t realise is how to actually implement an efficient marketing strategy. It isn’t all about posting the odd thing on Instagram and making your website visually pleasing. There is actually quite a lot more to the process than first meets the eye. As an award winning marketing and PR agency, it is of course, our job to help guide you on this path. Read on to hear our most crucial tips for boosting your revenue. 

Make a Connection

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One of the most important things any business can invest time into is building a relationship with their audience. Now more than ever, people like to feel connected and valued by their favourite brands. This is especially important given how much variety we now have. Using marketing methods such as SEO, social media and email marketing can help you to establish trust among your audience. Humanising your brand will only encourage things such as brand loyalty and repeat purchase. Both of these factors will contribute to higher sales.

Use Calls to Action

One of the biggest tricks we see people missing with their marketing is using CTA’s. This stands for ‘call to action’ and essentially refers to phrases such as ‘get in touch.’ As humans, we often need reminding to do something. Moreover, we feel more inclined to comply when we are asked by someone we have a connection with. Including imperative clauses within your content will massively increase engagement and boost sales. These can be included on your website, within blogs and on your social media.

It is important however, that you don’t use these too often. It’s quite a balancing act. If you are constantly telling someone to reach out, this can come across as pushy. If you establish this trait, it can be quite damaging for your reputation. Furthermore, you need to make sure your CTA’s are specific rather than beating around the bush. Don’t just say ‘please get in touch if you would like to.’ Instead, use ‘get in touch today.’

Provide Social Proof

As an award winning marketing and PR agency, the psychology of consumers is something we know a lot about. Therefore, we know the importance of utilising social proof within your marketing strategy.

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Social proof is the idea that if enough people do something, others will believe this to be the correct behaviour and follow suit. In other words, sharing written client testimonials will help persuade others to buy your product or service. Not only do positive reviews help build credibility but they also make people feel like they are missing out. Thus making people more inclined to make a purchase. 

How Else Marketing Can Add Value

Of course, increased revenue isn’t the only benefit of marketing. Despite this, many people forget about how else marketing can add value. The services we provide boast an array of positives. These include:

  • Visibility: Unless people know you exist, they won’t know to buy from you. Marketing aims to put you in direct view of your target segment, making you hard to ignore.
  • Memorability: Creating unique branding and using this consistently will help you to be more memorable. Moreover, this will help establish you amongst your fellow competitors. 
  • Reputation: Reputation is everything and without a good one, you’re not going to get very far. Methods such as SEO, PR and social media help build a positive image. This will put you in good stead should a crisis ever occur. It will also help you get ahead of others in your industry.

Why Our Award Winning Marketing and PR Agency Is Perfect For You

One of the things our clients value most about VerriBerri is that we are a full-service agency. We understand that when you run a business, you need to juggle a lot of contacts. When it comes to utilising our firm, you benefit from only having to deal with one extra company as opposed to multiple. We can operate a full turn-key strategy meaning less hassle for you. To read more on our services, click here.

There are some aspects of marketing you just can’t do alone. With such a broad array of options, it can be tricky to pin down where your time is best spent. When you work collaboratively with professionals, we can help identify a unique strategy for you. What’s more, we have the skill to carry out more technical processes such as SEO. Not to mention the contacts we have within the journalism industry.

When working with another business, you want to know ROI is going to be high. Therefore, you need a team with proven results. Not only do we have some amazing testimonials but we also offer a PR guarantee. We know that journalists can sometimes be unpredictable meaning your place in articles could sometimes be lost. Despite this, we are confident in our ability meaning we promise to always replace any lost leads. As the only agency to offer this service, you can be rest assured you’re in safe hands with us.

Contact Our Award Winning Marketing and PR Agency

If you want your company to excel, then you need to be investing in your marketing strategy. To get advice and assistance from our award winning marketing and PR agency, get in touch. (See what we did there?) To do so, click here!