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Award-Winning PR Agency

Based in Essex, VerriBerri is an award-winning PR agency that has been running for well over a decade. We work alongside clients in many industries to bring them outstanding results through public relations. 

PR refers to when a company bridges the gap between themselves and the public. This could be in the form of a newspaper article or in this modern era, a collaboration with an influencer. No matter the form of media you use, the aim of PR is always to help your company become more memorable. If done properly, good PR should also create and instil a concrete positive reputation for your brand. 

Why Choose Us?

One thing we’re not shy in boasting about is the fact that we’re an award-winning PR agency. Multi-award-winning in fact. These awards vary from certificates of excellence right through to our latest award which was for the 2021 Global Business Awards where we won Best PR & Marketing Agency 2021 in the UK. We’re extremely proud of these achievements and we wouldn’t be where we are without the hard work and efforts of our team.

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Public relations often get a bad rap. Lots of our clients have come to us apprehensive to try PR again due to bad past experiences. One of our main values is to show integrity in what we do. It’s for this reason that our award-winning PR agency is the only one in the UK to guarantee our PR results. What you see is what you get. We won’t make promises that we know we can’t keep. Spending money on a marketing strategy that doesn’t give much in return is disheartening and wasteful. With our PR guarantee, you can be rest assured that we’ll deliver the quality results that you’re expecting.

Being based in Essex also gives us a step ahead when it comes to costing. Lots of people think marketing and PR is expensive having liaised with a few London agencies. However, it doesn’t need to be. Being based out of the city means you get the benefit of amazing quality work without the London price tag.

If this wasn’t already enough to sway your decision, we also don’t freelance any of our work. Whilst this may work for some industries, it can become wildly confusing when you have a number of clients. Instead, we have our wonderful team of 18 all under the same roof (at least before COVID hit.) This means you’ll always be able to get hold of someone dealing with your account.

Why is Now a Good Time?

If ever there was a good time to be pushing your marketing and PR, it’s now. Being in the semi-post pandemic state we’re in, you’re likely to have taken a hit in your sales (unless you sell hot tubs!) Whilst your budgets may be low, any kind of exposure you can get from PR will be great for boosting your sales and improving your brand awareness. If more people know who you are, it’s likely that they may buy from you over your competitors. This means you can really begin making tracks to the forefront of your industry and get a head start. 

As well as the recession we’ve been flung into, Christmas is around the corner. There aren’t many businesses out there that don’t see a rise in profits over the festive period. Having said this, you shouldn’t get too comfortable. With money much tighter this year and every chance we could go into another lockdown; there’s no telling what effect this will have on sales. If you plan ahead and get your ducks in line now, our award-winning PR agency can guarantee a campaign that’s bound to bring people your way. 

Types of PR

It’s all very well me raving about PR but it’s also important that we discuss the different routes you can go down. Trust me, there are a few.

Event Management

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Although parts of the country may be going back into lockdown, not all is lost when it comes to events. It’s true, you can’t have a party with 6 people however, the use of webcams is still permitted. It’s 2020 and the epidemic shouldn’t stop us from launching new products with just as much of a bang as before. The online world is a versatile place and as such, virtual events have become really popular this year. In fact, research shows that the number of companies planning virtual events in 2020 doubled. As well as this, they can actually be much more cost-effective! 83% of organisations who have never hosted a virtual event before 2020 reported that they spent less on their online events this year than in-person ones previously. 

Influencers, Bloggers and Podcasts

It’s no secret that the rate at which technology is evolving is hard to keep up with. It’s for this reason that your PR approach should probably include some variances of the above. Collaborating with influencers or gifting them your products for them to mention is a great way for you to reach a whole new market. Whether they have a thousand followers or a million, this form of PR is a great way of getting some traction. Targeting bloggers works in a very similar way and is definitely no less effective. Having a shout out on a well-known blog can really boost your sales. Similarly, podcasts are becoming more and more popular, especially when it comes to people commuting to work. Having your brand featured in these is a great way to ingrain your company in the minds of those listening.

Newspapers and Magazines

Whether it’s in physical print or the online edition, having an article featured in the press is great for your brand awareness. Dependant on the business, you may choose to target either mainstream or industry specific media outlets. Either way, you’re going to reach people. Our award-winning PR agency has found this kind of PR great for generating more word of mouth, recommendations and sales for our clients. 

Contact VerriBerri

If PR is something you think you’d like to try for your business, we promise you won’t be disappointed. Having been an award-winning PR agency for as long as we have; we have seen first-hand the kind of outcomes PR has had on our clients and it’s pretty impressive. For more information on how we can help, get in touch today by clicking here or call the office on 01376 386 850 for a quick chat. We’re friendly. We promise!