Social Media Agency in Essex


Social Media Agency in Essex

With years of experience running our social media agency in Essex; we have seen hundreds of clients benefit from us taking over their social media management. With 47 new clients in 2020 alone and more in the pipeline, we are a multi award-winning agency confident in our results. 

With social media being so prevalent in everyone’s lives, all businesses should be considering this avenue when it comes to marketing. Not only is it a great way to reach new audiences but it can also boost your SEO and brand recognition. With an abundance of advantages, if you’re not utilizing your online presence, you’re missing out on a lot of business.

Why Choose an Essex Agency?

Being an agency in Essex; we cut out the expensive price tag that comes with London marketing agencies without ever compromising on quality. What’s more, we’re full of completely authentic ideas. 

Local to Essex? We have amazing knowledge of the surrounding areas and have built up relationships with many businesses in the county. What’s more, we know the area like the back of our hands. Based elsewhere? Alongside the benefits already mentioned, our social media agency in Essex have access to both national and international contacts

Why Build your Social Media Presence? 

As long as you are willing to put in a bit of work (or hire someone to help) you are essentially being handed a free platform to market on. Not much in business is free so when it is, you really should be reaping the benefits. Furthermore, by launching socials you are going to reach an entire new market. This can only mean one thing – more brand recognition. 

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Social media also offers you the perfect place to engage with your audience. Every site has different features but whether it’s through posts, polls or stories, each platform has the ability to bring you closer to the people buying your product. You may choose to post a range of content but teasing new releases or doing Q&A’s are a great way to build up buzz and anticipation surrounding your products. 

It’s a well-known fact that as time goes on; the general population have become more and more lazy. This means we’re always looking for the easiest way to complete a task. By being able to pick up your phone, click a few buttons and leave a message, you’re making customer service much easier for everyone. This also helps promote a good reputation. 


Of course, every brand is different. As such, it would be unfair to market your product or service as being the same as another. Our social media agency in Essex know what works for every industry. Having worked with a diverse range of clients, our wealth of knowledge is endless. 

As well as being dependent on industry, the approach you take to marketing has many other factors to consider. You need to know how much experience you have in the sector, how you are different, and the competitors you have around you. Obviously, you may not know all of these things without a brainstorming session or some market research. This is where people often find outsourcing to a social media agency in Essex useful.

In light of the recent pandemic, lots of companies have seen a reduction in their revenue. With so many companies suffering, marketing your product has never been more important. Not only will it give you a great ROI in terms of boosting sales, but it will also help you to get ahead of your competitors. Obviously, we understand that this year has been hard. With small companies closing down left right and centre and bigger one’s suffering, we’re more than happy to cater to any budget. Whether you’re willing to throw everything at it or just want a more low-key approach, we can completely tailor our social media services to you.

Case Study

Social Media Agency in Essex

Having been in the industry almost 12 years, we have had some pretty stand out projects. One we are particularly proud of is one we did on behalf of a national modelling agency. Our social media agency in Essex came onboard to work alongside them in 2018; they are still a client today. With our help, their social media platforms quickly grew, as did their bands value. Within the first month we increased following by 222% and they had received over 120 enquiries. Of those, the conversion rate was over 80%. Focussing on their Instagram more specifically, we reached this success through posting regular and engaging content. Knowing what to post is often where companies aiming to manage their social media themselves fall short.

By bringing onboard a social media agency in Essex, we are able to brainstorm within our team to bring you fresh ideas. As well as this, where your budget allows, we can get involved with putting these ideas into action. 

Looking at the other social media management we’ve done through the years, we were reached out to by the founder of NeeNoo. Their goal was to raise awareness for their brand ahead of the launch of their new website. At the start of the project, their social channels were only a few months old. This meant we were able to start fresh and really target growth. As well as this, we also got involved with sourcing images and some of the design elements. Focussing purely on their Facebook and Instagram, we were able to successfully gain over 1,000 followers for each within the first month. As a result of our efforts, NeeNoo saw a 8,1000% increase in their Facebook likes. 

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To summarise, if social media isn’t something you’re already taking advantage of, you really ought to consider it. If you’re unsure of where to start, our social media agency in Essex would be more than happy to assist. Alternatively, if you’re struggling to get your socials off the ground, we have the know how to boost your engagement rates. 

To reach out and get more information on how our social media management service can help you, click here.